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"Be gentle, kind and beautiful, yet firm and strong, both mentally and physically." ~Sensei Keiko Fukuda


on August 1, 2009

The guys were getting there an hour early for sparring, so I went to watch and/or do some. Ended up just watching while they did a shark tank — three 5-minute rounds, with a fresh person every minute — on one of the guys.

Wore my Lucky gi today. So thick! Put it on and was immediately warm. Shorter warmup because the guys had all had at least one minute in the shark tank and so were mostly warmed up. Body still trying to quit during alligators and squat jumps; quads claimed they were done. Urgh.

Partnered up to work single- and double-leg takedowns. Worked with a white belt. First few, he’d land just right on my ribs, which are apparently still bruised, and his head would clip my chin. Much owie. Level changing, and again I was starting to get dizzy. Grr.

Then we rolled. I got stuck with the little kid first. Again with the elbow in the throat. I’ve always wanted to try rolling with my eyes closed, but haven’t been brave enough to try it against the guys. So did it with the kid. Always tried to work mostly sweeps, though I probably held mount and side control too much and should have rolled over for another sweep. I wonder if this same size and strength difference is what the guys feel when I roll with them.

Got to roll with Tim after that. Eh. He was keeping me out when I wanted in and in when I wanted out. He caught lots of stuff. From bottom half guard, I did something that turned me in to him; he let me sweep him over and then stopped to show me how I’d let go of a kneebar there as I came up. I said I didn’t know it was there, and he said I need to work on putting and keeping pressure in different places to find things like that. From my guard later, I tried some spider guard, but I really don’t have much pressure on the biceps there, mostly from my legs being too short to reach; he stopped again to let me work that pressure. I think I need to have the arm/sleeve pulled in closer before I move my feet to their biceps, else their arms are already too far away for it to have any effect.

One more roll, with Sundance. Under mount mostly.

Then we drilled breaking the guard, for the kid. Basic guard break to double-under pass. When we got to drilling ourselves, though, Tim said the rest of us could work any pass we wanted from the break. Sundance and I also worked the knee-through passes to the same and opposite sides, and I tried a pass I’d read over the other day and somewhat remembered. (Meh, needs work.) Justin came over and helped me with my cut-through pass because I was flouting some of the details — underhook the far arm, head pressure on the far side of their head, then scoop the near arm (over and then back under). Felt like a long time drilling.

Back to rolling. With one of the big smashy guys first. And he smashed me, mostly bellyflopping on my ribs again. He moved on to trying the north/south kimura eventually; I tried turning under to turtle but was suspended in the air by my arm and couldn’t get any purchase to turn. He later picked me up to get to my back. Last roll with Sundance again. Under side control mostly. He caught the choke from Tuesday; nothing I did to stop even the setup seemed to work. Also defending north/south kimura a lot; could turn under slightly better, but not enough to actually escape.

Tim said after class that I’m doing good (and then teased me that I was going to go home and blog about him saying that. So, see, I did. ;)). While that’s nice to hear, I have no idea what he sees. I spend my rolls smashed even when I’m trying to get up or out; I try to feel out guys’ base, and they’re like boulders; I can’t stop any pass or sweep and can rarely get any of my own. Sometimes I think I’m beyond frustration and bordering quite near complete despair. (However, I do think getting enough rest is at least helping my mind stay more focused and not lapse into the ruts that have me crying.)


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