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I can feel my legs…

on July 30, 2009

…and they aren’t happy! All yesterday and all today — so sore, so achy, so ouchy.

Eh, some nights aren’t even worth writing about, really. The air conditioning finally got going, now that’s it’s nogi night. Warmup, I was doing okay until we had to do extra reps on some of the drills because some guys weren’t doing them right. Got kicked in the head by one kid while shrimping. Had to dodge guys who don’t understand that you jog back in the red squares — on the sides or down the middle — instead of trying to weave through everyone else coming down the mat. Working hard to not get out of sorts over it.

Some guy has started bringing his kid to our class. The dad doesn’t do class; he just sits and watches. Kid is maybe 8? 10? I had to work with the kid — he’s half my size — for a fireman’s carry drill. Good news is he’s ridiculously light. He had to lift me. Then we did pushups and then situps on the wall while, one at a time, we’d sprint or bearcrawl down to the other end and back. Tired.

To rolling. Tim put me with a guy who just tried to hold me down the entire round. I did somehow manage to reverse him to half-guard-ish with some side control, though most of that also involved his elbow or his hand actively pressing into my windpipe so I couldn’t get a good position. Or breathe. Then I got another guy who just wanted to sling me over and bellyflop to side control. Ow, ribs. Also caught several knees to the face. Did have one backdoor escape from under mount. He made a big deal about how he let me do it.

Legs were so tired both rounds. And I think I bruised my butt earlier in the week… 😮

Drilling took a long time. We worked two related takedowns, one straight to a D’Arce and one to north/south and then to D’Arce, both off someone trying to do a single-leg similar to the one we worked a few weeks ago.

Got to drill with Mark. He said on that second one, especially, that he wasn’t just going down for me; he was going down, but it was because I was doing it right. Yay! Drilled for a good long while. Had one moment where I was working the second one, and I knew I’d started to set up the D’Arce wrong, so I concentrated on making it right, and totally didn’t notice Mark tapping. He finally slapped the mat a little harder and kind of gasped. Oops!

Two more rolls. Got left with the little kid. (What do you do with someone half your size and strength? He was spazzy, but really, I could have easily squashed him. Should I even try to submit him?) He started by tackling me, so I swung back to guard. Apparently he’s seen/been told that digging his elbow into someone’s throat is how you do a guard pass because that’s all he tried. First time, I just pushed it off; not that it hurt, just annoying. Second time, I took his back; got my hooks in and just let him flail. Mostly spent the round making sure the spazzing guys around us didn’t run in to us. They did once, though I made sure they kicked me and not him; got close another time. Went to mount a few times, leaving some space so I wasn’t just sitting on him; eventually told him to try the shrimping from the beginning of class.

Last round, with another guy who just wanted to hold me down. I had a clean shot at a guillotine early, and took it, and he went supernova. When he was free and safe, he said, “Good choke!” … … Might have had a sweep at one point, but was immediately flipped back over. Got kicked in the head by another pair again. Eventually realized I wasn’t going to get to work anything that I was trying to, so tried to actually get under side control so I could work the bridging escape… and then he suddenly stopped wanting to get to side control.

I’d wanted to do kettlebell swings after class tonight, and I have some questions about the sweeps I’ve been failing at for weeks, but was too tired to do or ask anything. A few of us sat around for a bit, but that was all.

Even with a night off, it feels like my power meter is running down. Felt that I was maybe 75% on Monday, about 50% on Tuesday, and about 25% tonight. So tired. So unresponsive. Body has been aching all day, and even kept me up last night with all the aching. Oh, good point; I’d forgotten about that. Probably contributed. And I was locked up in a conference room all day, without my usual smaller meals throughout, while we tried to reconcile two documents (ours and someone else’s. Ours usually won in disputes. I did say that I might actually enjoy going on the business trip next week if I could choke out the people who wrote the other one. It’s bad.). Oh, okay. So maybe I did get enough rest by taking the day off, but events conspired to negate that rest.

Oh, yeah — I’m most likely not getting shipped off to New Jersey for a business trip next week. And that was before I said I’d like to choke them out! Still, makes me happy.


2 responses to “I can feel my legs…

  1. Hugo says:

    Hi Leslie,
    Where in NJ are you going?

  2. leslie says:

    Well, actually, I’m *not* going right now, since my manager already has to go up for another project and can cover this one as well. But it’s up around Basking Ridge, NJ. I will probably have to go at least once in the next few months, though.

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