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I can’t feel my legs…

on July 28, 2009

Tim finally admitted tonight that he is trying to kill us. Or, rather, get us in shape whether we like it or not. The last few weeks and the next few weeks are going to be killer conditioning. Gee, thanks. And just when the air conditioning in the academy seems to have stopped working. Ugh.

Hot and sauna-like again. Air not moving. That’s all I want, really, is a little air movement… Temperature’s fine with me; the air just feels so thick. Bleh.

Oh… I’d meant to have goals… and I forgetted. Doh.

Warmup involved lots of knees-to-chest. And forward rolls, which immediately made me dizzy. I’m starting to think it’s more the level change that gets me, because I got dizzy again during the takedown drills that followed. And the air — gah. Couldn’t breathe.

Partnered up to drill double-leg takedown. Got with a guy who was a little bigger than I could handle; just made me have to work harder. Couldn’t turn the corner with him, so mostly did a straight-on takedown. 20 per partner. Then my brain goes fuzzy for a few moments… I think we rolled next.

In with a quick white belt. Remaining energy went quick. Under everything, though preventing him from getting to mount. Even, at some point, noticed his base was off and managed something vaguely resembling a sweep. (Okay, so it was more of a shove… Still.) Got to top for a few moments and tried working to establish side control for half a second so I could work toward something else, but he got out. Somehow had a few times where I managed to scramble to his back. Where’d that come from?! He’d scramble right out, though. In top half-guard following one of those, had a look at a no-arm D’Arce but couldn’t lock it up, then got swept back over. At one point, from my guard, tried the choke Lo caught me with at the tournament. Didn’t quite have it, though I think it was maybe close — when I got home, I think I figured out maybe what I needed to do differently to finish it.

Then we worked the new takedown from last night. Worked with Yoshi. 20 per partner. Getting dizzy again, I think from all the level changing. Tim said he’s going to try to work just one or two things for each week so that we all get lots of reps on them. Me likey.

Rolling next? Apparently I can’t feel my brain either. With a blue belt. I kept trying to set up the Big Poppa choke, but couldn’t quite get there. I got to north/south, and then totally and completely blanked on what to do. Was funny. Tried transitioning to kimura from north/south, but he’d defend; tried to transition to a gi choke, but I couldn’t work out whose gi was whose (even though they were different colors). At some point, transitioned back to the Big Poppa choke and did get it. We reset, and he turtled for some reason. I got the control, then looked for the clock choke; got the far lapel sunk good, but couldn’t find the near one so went for the elbow-over variation to finish. Then Mark pulled me into his guard and tried to work the choke from last night, but I wouldn’t let him get the overhook in; we just kept circling our arms around each other’s.

On the wall for more drills. Shoot-n-sprawl, then alligators, and then partner gi drags. Justin grabbed me, which is always good because he makes me keep moving even when I really want to quit. Finished those and fell down. I can’t feel my legs. Tried to stand up and fell back down again. Pooh. Finally got back up and let the wall hold me. Also, fingers shot for grips. Thankfully, that was the end of it.

Sat for a few minutes. Realized it was quads and not my hamstrings that were hurting, so I decided to continue with my planned kettlebell swings. Actually, I was going to start after-practice conditioning because I’d thought I’d lost a step or two in class since it’s been brutal for the last few weeks, but then Tim said as we were hanging around that he’s been doing that on purpose to improve our conditioning.

Got out the kettlebell (it’s 24 kg [that’s, what, around 52 lbs?]) and started on my swings. Tim made me stop, though, and said the kettlebell was too heavy for me. (Wha–?? I’ve done 50 swings with Scott before, and probably that many with Justin and Adam, too.) He made me set it down and get the heaviest dumbbell, which is only 25 lbs. So light. Meh. Was only planning to do a half pyramid of 1-10, so 55 swings total, anyway; did that with the dumbbell, but it’s just way too light. Maybe if I promise him on Thursday that I’ll only do 25 (pyramid 1-5), he’ll let me use the real thing.

Still gonna do APC, but will probably switch to Mondays and Thursdays so I’ll have more recovery between times.

You’ll be proud of me: I am taking tomorrow night off. I have a book, and I might have to bring some work home, but I’ve set aside Wednesdays as an entirely “off” night. (And I’m even going to take Fridays — Open Mat — off.) And that’s all before I knew the brutalness was on purpose. Now that I know, I think it’s probably even more important that I take some rest in there — I can go hard, but not all the time.

Also, something insanely spiked my page views today, and I don’t know what it is… unless it’s all the guys from class coming to find me 😛 If so, “Hi!”


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