Scratch that

There will be no sightings of 119.9 for a while. My co-workers wanted to go to India Garden at lunch. Indian + buffet = can’t resist. Didn’t damage the buffet too bad, but the scale said 127.1 before class. So yeah…

Probably best, anyway, since I’m driving down & weighing in on Saturday morning. I’d truly be 119.9 instead of back up to my normal weight.

So then, after class, while most of the guys headed home to their 4 oz. chicken breast and distilled water, I hit up Spin The Wheel pizza night with a few of the ones not competing. So, um, yeah… now I just have to focus on not breaking 135!

Huge class. It’s nogi, so of course. Straight to rolling. Odd number; Tim sat me out. Second round, I got sat out again. But then one of the guys had to drop out, so I got in with Guillaume for a few short minutes. Long rounds, though I got in at the end. Did have one sweep or pass to mount, and then the armbar from there. Another round; got in with Justin. Didn’t do so well; felt slow and floppy, and he wasn’t taking it easy on me. Did try the regular side control escape a few times, but my hips need more work; they don’t come up well when there’s weight on them. I did, though, seem to figure out something when he tries to Frank Mir my arm (I think it’s Frank Mir; I forget who did it): pull his head down. Did it several times; got my arm out each time. Huh. Where’s that been?

Another round next; got paired with a guy who’s comes about 3 times a month, some months. He tried to break my guard by reaching back; I missed the triangle the first time, but actually hit it the second time. Then I showed/told him what not to do; when I was sitting out earlier, I’d seen him get caught or nearly caught with that several times. Remind me again why I don’t take submissions on those guys…? — oh, right, because they go Captain Caveman on me. And after I’d tried to help. Lovely. He got his revenge with his own triangle, and then didn’t at first let go when I tapped. Even better. You’re very welcome for the advice. The rest of the round he tried guillotines/neck cranks; I worked butterfly and sweeps. I did get a few of them, which always seemed to surprise him.

On the wall for drills. Single legs, again and again and again. (By the way, you know the workout is nuts when the teenagers have no energy. Then again, they roll like it’s Abu Dhabi every time…) Then partnered up, with one person shooting and the other sprawling.

Then we paired up to do armbars from guard. I worked with Brandon. Then we rolled with the same partner. I might have passed his guard once, and that would be the extent of it. Adam after that; D’Arced silly, and I think I dropped myself into something else. I almost want to say there was another roll; I think I might have rolled with Mark, but I don’t remember.

On the wall again for alligators, and then bear crawls down and squat jumps back. I could breathe a little better, but my legs were shot by this time. Circled up to do triangles and supermans.

Partnered up again to work sweeps. Any sweep from any position. I got paired with the guy who wouldn’t let go when I tapped. Grand. I worked scissor sweep, pendulum sweep, bump sweep, and the half guard sweep Justin showed me and Clifton last night. That was all I could think of. I went first and worked 3 scissor sweeps on one side; then he said that he didn’t know any sweeps and asked me to teach him. Instead, I flagged down Tim, who taught him the bump sweep. So he worked bump sweep in between my sets. He said at one point that he felt like it wasn’t an effective sweep, that it seemed way too easy for the other person to pull their arm out. So then I did it without the arm to show him that you don’t need it because it’s really your hips doing the work. And then I mentioned the kimura and guillotine off the same setup.

Then one more roll. (Somehow, though all the rolls and the drilling and the conditioning seemed long, it was only just then the normal time for class to be done. But we usually go over anyway.) Tim paired up all the guys going to the tournament, and made an announcement for those of us competing to work nice and slow. (Everyone else, do what you want.) I was again the odd one out, so I had to roll with my same partner, who heard the “everyone else” part. Grand. I tried to concentrate on sweeps again. (Hit the bump sweep. Was amused.) He somehow dropped in to my guard with his neck sticking out; I remembered Justin’s advice on this and actually caught and finished the guillotine (though I’m not sure if my out elbow was right; just thought of that). As if he wasn’t going hard enough already, he turned it up even more. Hooks are my friends. But thank goodness it was a shorter round.

Today I was testing one of the websites we’ve created. Image upload wasn’t working properly. So I found a few pages that didn’t have any images (the Admin even said “None”) and started testing by uploading images and got errors. The image I tried to upload didn’t make it, but a random image would appear instead. They were all old images that used to be associated with those pages, but it was funny — I’d upload a picture of a forest and would see two women talking instead. What the–? Where they hiding behind a bush in the forest? Where’d these ladies come from?


2 thoughts on “Scratch that

  1. Haha, not quite! (Not that I would mind that much Indian food, yum!)

    122.5 to 127. I was 122.5 after class Wednesday; ate dinner that night & breakfast the next morning; and then the Indian followed at lunch. Before class, and in my work clothes still, the scale said 127.1.

    So lots of variables (and several different scales) in there.

    I think, though, that — barring any more buffets — I probably could really make it to 119.9 for a tournament. Might try it sometime, though I wrecked it for this weekend.

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