Seven eight nine

This has entertained me all day.

Large class. All the wannabe fighters in their Tapout gear. One new guy, head-to-toe Tapout before class; head-to-toe Tapout during class. (We laugh, and predict they won’t last long. Once they find out it’s actually hard work, they leave.)

Out of breath again during the warmup. Phooey. I hate being wimpy. But Justin was calling out for 3 trips on everything; I was doing good to make 2 (and 1 on something, too.) Meh. I know it was for the wannabe fighters, but still; I want to at least decently keep up. (Tapout Boy dropped out during the jogging.)

Then we circled up for a sprawl drill, followed by partnering up to work pummeling from standing. Worked with Clifton. After a few minutes doing that, until everyone was mostly doing it right (or were finally declared to be not listening, at which point the instructors stop trying). Then we picked up the pace for another round. Supposed to be 70% on this round; I was already there, though. Then a round of actually trying to get double-unders.

Then we worked a single-leg takedown. I had to stop to catch my breath several times and a few to get undizzy. This not be good.

Then we drilled the move of the week, the running side control escape back to half guard. Justin showed me and Clifton a sweep after you shoot that half guard deep. Similar to Old School in the placement of your limbs, but not as rigorous. So then Clifton and I had to combine the move of the week with the sweep and a pass to side control, and then the other would go. The only problem is that this combination had us moving all over the mat; we kept having to reset because we were about to smash in to someone else.

Lots of drilling today for all the new guys. One round of rolling with your drilling partner. Pretty much smashed. Clifton hit that sweep on me; even knowing what he was doing, I couldn’t seem to stop him. Did not seem like a long round. I remember being under mount, but that’s about it.

On the wall for a few more drills. Body not happy. Single legs, then single leg + sprawl, and then squat jumps. (Ugh!) Justin called out, “Give me three and you’re done.” Fine, I can do three. One of the last to finish, but I did have three.

In the kickboxing class after us, 6-8 college girls showed up. Perry smartly paired them with each other and had them doing kicking and punching drills with each other while everyone else sparred. (Sometimes I think he tends to throw people in too early.) They seemed happy and giggley. Oh, dear: giggley girls…

After class, the guys who are going to the tournament this weekend were all weighing themselves because of course they’re all cutting weight. Just for fun, I jumped on when they were done.


Holy weight loss, Batman! I might unwittingly make 119.9 for NAGA NC this weekend. This NAGA has a 119.9 class listed; VA had a note that they might split out from the two listed classes (135) and include a <119.9 if enough girls showed up, which they didn't.

Sure, it was after class, so I'd sweated out a lot, but I was still wearing some of that sweat. That might, however, explain the ickiness this week — I might not be eating enough. But I feel as if I'm eating the same, and I don't go around feeling hungry. I've been eating handfuls (!) of cashews at work, too. (Therein lies easy access to excess calories.) Late-night snacking, lotsa carbs — all those "bad" things you're not supposed to do when losing weight — and yet I'm down ~5 lbs from the last time I had the courage to peek at a scale.

Hmm, so, actually try to cut a few more pounds, or eat anything I want and not worry about it?… I do like to eat…

Reading for today:

Consistency, Leigh Peele
The Right Sparring Partner

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