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Unbelievable (Thousand Foot Krutch)

on July 6, 2009

Small class. Gi class seems to be small this summer. (Nogi is generally big, with all the new high school kids swinging through.) Normal warmup. Same as last Wednesday, but it kicked my butt tonight. Gassed and breathing hard in no time. I think I need to do some cardio work, but when? I’m at work or practice most of my waking hours, and we don’t have a bike or treadmill or anything. I need some kind of interval work. Anywho…

Then worked 10 armbars from guard per side. I was with a white belt who hasn’t seen armbars from guard yet. So Tim had to come over and teach him how to do them. We finished last.

I meant to review what Justin showed me on Saturday, but I forgot to before class. During rolling, random bits would occur to me.

Then to rolling. Same white beltfirst. After we touched hands and I started scooting in — I try to work butterfly guard on him since he’s one of the few I can do it on — I heard Tim say, “Attack, Leslie. Be aggressive. Attack, attack.” Okay, I can do this. Maybe…. He overcommitted to one side, and I got out and around to his back, sliding my hips and knee out like Justin had showed me. He grabbed one arm and pulled it away; I tried the one-armed RNC, but couldn’t finish, then tried switching to the armbar, but didn’t switch my feet out first and so couldn’t get my leg around and over. He tried pressuring in to me there, rolling me over to my stomach, but that left enough room for my leg to come over and fit through; finished the armbar that way. Got his back again, really concentrating on what Justin had showed me Saturday; I don’t think I finished anything there, though. I know I caught something else, but I don’t remember what it was. Had a look at the reverse armbar again, but again couldn’t finish it. (Should transition to an omoplata there; I just saw that.)

Next with a blue belt. He’d just rolled with one of the white belts who was going hard, preparing for NAGA this weekend, so the blue was wiped out; he said, too, that the white had had him in a deep triangle and he’d nearly passed out. He let me have side control early. Tried the Big Poppa choke, but didn’t have my shoulder under his armpit and so couldn’t finish. Tried transitioning to the north/south kimura, but he grabbed his arm; tried transitioning to the armbar (stepped over way too high!), but he hit the hitchhiker and got out. (But hey, that’s 3 moves that I transitioned through! Granted, it was a slow “erm, what should I do now?” sequence, but it’s at least a small victory.) Then wound up under side control most of the round. Appropriate escape was not working; hips were pinned down. He finished a kimura from somewhere, and I think something else.

Then to drilling. Move of the week: Running escape from side control. This looked really simple when Tim showed it, but was much tougher to pull off. Mark and I agreed that we were too often trying the thread-the-needle escape, and that that was confusing us. We drilled for a long time. I finally got it, though very slow and with lots of thinking time, and I was having trouble posting on the elbow to turn under; my shoulder kept collapsing under me and I’d flop on my back. Bah. Thankfully, we’re drilling it all week.

Oh, a note to the partner: before the guy turns back under, post up on your knees to get your hips off the ground, especially if you’re male. Otherwise, that foot sliding straight through might make solid contact where you’d rather it didn’t… We had several guys doubling over during this drill…

Rolling again. Adam first. A clinic in D’Arce defense. Though, of course, that opens me up to lots of other stuff, and he took advantage of an americano I left sitting out. He might’ve found something else later; I seem to not remember tonight very well. But mostly he just made me work and roll and defend. Had moments of remembering Justin’s advice about getting grips and keeping them. Did that successfully a few times, to where it seemed to momentarily thwart what he was working for.

Justin last. Sometimes remembered keeping grips again. He let me work the scissor sweep counter; coming around, I started reaching for his lapel again and then remembered to control the hips. Did that just in time, since he tried to sweep me over next, but my weight seemed to be in a better place so he didn’t force it. He let me over to mount and left his arm high across his face; it’s always a trick when he does that, and I know it, but I don’t have many other options; he let me wrap up S-guard and get the arm, but when I sat back he spun out. Need to keep my weight on him more before sitting back, and probably need to lock up the near leg, too. He got an armbar from mount on me, though he let me defend by swinging around and back in to him (something he showed after class one night; you use their backwards momentum and your generated momentum to come up on top), and then let me work the arm out so he could switch to a triangle-armbar-triangle, finishing that last triangle.

Worked out the sweep from standing that Justin showed me on Saturday, the one I needed two left hands for. Sit around one leg, bringing your back leg around their leg. Grab their near arm with your back hand and pull it down behind their leg; pass it off to the front hand. Reach up with your back hand and grab their belt. Spin around their leg to the back and between their legs, pulling on their belt and sleeve, to sweep them.


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