Pop, bang, boom, pow

That is not a warmup roll. That is a you-killed-my-father-prepare-to-die roll, without the accent, the sword, or Andre the Giant or anything even remotely amusing.

Small class. Muscle sharks, me, Nick, and Justin. Rolling to warm up. I got one of the guys I usually avoid at all costs. Lovely. Did alright moving around for the first half of the round, but then he slung me around and passed to side control and stayed there. He kept trying to rip an arm out, though I think I was keeping track of them decently. Got elbowed and kneed a few times.

Then another spazzy guy. He wanted to stay in my guard and fling me to one side. Actually had the setup and went for Paul’s armbar from Karate College. He stood up with me and slammed me down. Not far, but far enough. Thanks, that was just what I needed. Really it was. And later he started pulling on one ankle. He knows no leg attacks, and I know this. I moved in to him, to get my own weight over my leg; he tried to side kick me. Pfft. Wake me up when you start doing some jiu-jitsu.

Although, with both rounds, I was slightly amused that they were huffing and puffing and squeezing and all that racket, and I was barely breaking a sweat and hardly breathing hard. (Which, you could almost argue, is exactly how a warmup round should be — except in most warmup rounds, I don’t think that my parnter is trying to hurt me. These both were.) Was not at all amused by the slamming and all that.

[Edit: I just got out of the shower, and I have finger-sized bruises up and down both arms and around my ankles. Am not a happy camper.]

Drilling was the double-under pass, and then a counter that ended with a triangle. Justin said we’re going to start having a “Move of the Week” that we work around each week so we get lots of reps. I like that idea a lot.

Grabbed a safe white belt, who’d come in late, to drill. On the triangle, you’re supposed to push off their hip and pivot… except my leg fully straight reached from his hip to his shoulder. Was no push. Funny, though — Nick said he usually can’t get his leg on their hip to push, either, except his is because his legs are so long and he can’t scrunch in enough.

Rolling with drilling partner next. Was held down and squeezed for most of the round. Did have one sweep, from guard to side control, but was again held down and squeezed. Passed to mount; he tried to roll me, but I let go and slid on top when he turned on his side. Wanted the choke from up there, but his hands were in the way. Knew I could get the armbar with a little work, so looked for something else. Thought I saw a head and arm choke, so went for it. He tapped eventually, and I asked what that was doing; he said nothing, just squeezing, though he’d exhausted his options for escape and so had just tapped. Rats. Back to side control later, and tried the front anaconda choke that Renzo showed. Hard to do when someone’s flailing their arms around. Meh.

Grabbed Nick for the last one. (As in, walked to the other side of the mat, grabbed his jacket, and pulled him down. Wanted at least one decent roll.) We played. We both do lots of “hey, that’s my lapel — you can’t choke me with that” or “hey, that my leg — give it back.” I was trying for the choke from Karate College that he always tries on me, but I couldn’t get on top. I showed it to him afterward, and then we played with a few of the other techniques that Renzo taught.

Da Funk

On Thursday last week, when I was sitting around with myself (while Jerry miraculously got the few guys who showed up [they of the ram-headbutt-rolling style] to actually drill the entire time!, which even Tim can’t get them to do), I noticed that my rash guard stunk to high heaven. It was bad. So I got home and started sniffing the rest of my clothes. All the rash guard-type clothes — that is, anything polyester and/or spandex — absolutely reeked.

So I spent Friday morning looking up what to do about smelly workout clothes. Finally found a few answers online and tried them out. First one said to use about 1 cup of vinegar in the wash. I tried that, and it didn’t work. Then I found another that said to use the vinegar in hot water. Drat, had used cold. So washed everything again, only I’d run out of laundry detergent and had to open a new bottle. The new one also included baking soda, which I’d seen somewhere else (and which was going to be Option #3). My clothes did come out smelling good, though — but now I don’t know if it was the vinegar, the baking soda, or the combination thereof.

Made my day moment: Someone I knew years ago from TKD found me on Facebook. We were online at the same time, so we started chatting. When I told him I’d started BJJ — grappling — he said:

Yeah, I figured you for a grappler, actually.
You’ve got that sink your teeth in mentality.
You’re not the type to stand back and go for long range attacks.

Made me cry moment: Facebook always suggests that I add Max as a friend. I started Facebook that day, to find everyone and make sure they were all okay because the phones were overloaded. Today, I read her wall.


2 thoughts on “Pop, bang, boom, pow

  1. the funk thing was probably the vinegar. I tried to unshrink a gi using vinegar (saw a youtube video where it worked with a cotton shirt, so I thought it would work with a gi), and although the vinegar/hot water combo didn’t unshrink it as much as I wanted, a side effect was that it was completely funk free.

  2. Well, I saw both vinegar and baking soda as options for removing funk. (Oh, and somewhere said to hang dry the clothes afterward, which I also did. Usually I throw them in the dryer on high.)

    Whatever worked, though, I’m just glad my clothes smell good again!

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