So much for recovery

I seem intent on beating myself down this week. I’m justifying it because we don’t have class Friday or Saturday. *le sigh* Silly grrl…

Smallish class, mostly the teenagers. Rolling to warm up. With Nick. Every other pair around us jumped out to 300%, ripping and snorting. We would stop when they slammed in to the mat near us, look at them, and just shake our heads. We’d look over at Justin, and he’s sitting on the side shaking his head, too. Just nice and slow for us. Moved my hips some, and worked that sweep from Monday again, though it’s hard to get on Nick — he’s got long legs and a good base. It was a nice warmup for both of us, though; a little flow going on. (The other guys were all worn out.)

Got Justin for the next round. I was warmed up and moving a little faster, though he was quick to catch up and throw submissions to slow me down. Heh. Still working for that sweep from Monday, though he wasn’t letting me get it sloppy, which meant I wasn’t getting it at all. I’d been thinking about the one from last night, where you grabbed the belt, and was wondering if there was any variation that would work nogi. Actually got something close to it, finishing with a backwards roll to side control. (I did a roll! That I meant to do!) But now I don’t remember what it was exactly… Doh. He showed me where my foot was off the ground in butterfly guard when I was trying to get my hips out; no leverage point. Oh, good point. He let me work an escape from an ankle lock and a few other things when I was doing them right.

Drilling was a takedown. Drilled with Guilluame, since he was the only one there besides Nick that I trusted for this; I knew he wouldn’t slam me. (True to form, the other kids were slamming each other around.) Funny, though: I didn’t grab Nick because of the size difference and because there were a couple of bigger guys he could’ve worked with, but he ended up stuck with always-his-first-day guy, who’s hardly bigger than me. Poor Nick had to really drop his base to get around. We drilled that for a long while.

Then rolling with your drilling partner. (See, I was thinking ahead this time.) Guillaume’s defense is getting better, and I told him so last night; he said that it’s all he gets to do, and I said that it’s the same for me. Got the sweep from Monday a couple of times, once taking mount. He reached one arm under one of my legs, saying later that he’d thought to throw me off, but that left a triangle sitting there. Locked it up and he rolled me over. Noticed that what I was thinking was “deep” with the leg around his neck wasn’t nearly deep enough; while transitioning to finish, my knee dropped another couple of inches around his neck. Felt a lot more comfortable and a lot tighter, too, so that’s the same feeling I need to work on recreating. Showed him after what not to do; he said that he’d realized it was a mistake right after he did it but couldn’t get back. Then I showed him what to do when mounted. Trying to really work on pressure and on moving slowly since he’s still very new. Had a Matt Hughes RNC after getting his back once. Got to his back another time and transitioned to mount, then worked on getting his arms up; actually looking for the americano, but couldn’t work his arms to where I needed them. Finally found the double armbar, though.

Last round, I was the odd one out. Some confusion over who was staying in class and who was joining the Krav class on the other mat. One guy started the round but then left halfway through. His partner was one of the spazzing smashers, though, so I just continued to sit out. Had my own eye-rolling session watching some of these kids rolling, though the worst was one of the guys rolling with a new guy and trying to “instruct” the whole time (which basically amounted to “Here’s how to let me pass your guard”). Justin was rolling with Nick and finally paused his roll to tell the guy to be quiet and just roll. The guy got quieter but didn’t entirely stop.

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