This is your brain unplugged

If we could just drill maybe a basic things — I dunno, triangle and armbar from guard, breaking and passing guard, armbar from mount — and do them all class, every class, I might stand a chance of doing them right eventually…

Another hot day in the gi. Warm before the warmup. Gassed during. Made everything except the second trip on alligators (quads were complaining much).

Then we rolled once to warm up more. With a white belt. Turning the wrong way on everything. At one point he fell in to a triangle, and I couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t finish it… until I finally realized I had actually grabbed a reverse triangle, which is why nothing was where I thought it should be. Did the same thing later when I got mount and he pushed an arm through; at least recognized that I’d already screwed that up once and was able to sort it out and switch. Was under half guard a lot and did bump to my side, but could not for anything get that underhook around and under; I just got stuck and was useless. Kept trying for the sweep from last night, but couldn’t get that hook in. Did manage a sweep or two, though I think he fell over mostly. Had his back at one point; couldn’t get my arm across for the RNC, but could get both hands *just* across to grab his lapels; motion similar to the hand positioning for a clock choke; he gurgled and tapped.

Drilling next. Started with a step-over armbar if someone’s trying to single-leg you from turtle. Drilled with same white belt from rolling. It was mostly him drilling with Tim helping. One more technique. Justin showed a sweep from half-guard.

One of the kids wanted to drill with me. I had some trouble keeping the elbow and sleeve after rolling, but I think it’s that I’m waiting too long on my roll and not coming through far enough; I’m falling off his far side. But it was mostly him drilling with Tim and Justin alternating helping. He wasn’t quite getting it, so Tim would stop him in the several positions and make him stay there until he got it right. This one, after he rolled, he’d end up with his elbow pushing into my diaphragm and his weight on top of it while Tim repositioned him. Can’t. Breathe. I don’t mind so much when a drilling partner doesn’t get a move so the instructor has to demonstrate again on me — it helps sometimes to have it done correctly on you — but both Tim and Justin had to demonstrate it multiple times on me tonight, and both also paused frequently with their elbows in my diaphragm to show him the placement. Ooof.

With two techniques, we drilled for a long time. One more roll. In with the same kid. Kept trying the sweep again from last night — and from different entry positions, too — but only got a few of them to semi-work. Did get one to mount and waited for an arm to come loose. (Just remembered: it was gi! I can choke him! Rats.) Held mount decently for a while until he grabbed my sleeves and got relentless about pushing me over. Couldn’t seem to move correctly to counter it. I got to guard and he immediately tried to kimura me. Couldn’t turn, though, and couldn’t get my hips to engage enough to move him. He nearly got it on strength alone (and would’ve if it had been nogi. Manged to *just* grab my own sleeve and keep it from going.) He struggled on that for a long time until he finally left some space and I got an angle; he had to let go. He stopped right there and said, “Why couldn’t I get that?” Tim said from the sideline said, “Because you were in her guard. You have to be in mount. And she was being nice, because she could’ve armbarred you from there.” Armbar?? Where? Rats.

Later, he got my back after muscling me around from turtle. He slapped on a body triangle and, curiously, didn’t really try for the RNC. I know he likes it. He was sort of going for it, but not really ripping like he normally does; he’d play at grabbing my hands — and usually grab my pinky finger alone — but wasn’t really trying to stuff it through. Then he’d pause and readjust the body triangle and try to roll me over. Finally figured it out: he was trying to make me tap to the body triangle. He didn’t have it over the bruised part of my ribs, though, so I was okay sitting there. After several rips and bends on my pinkies, I pointed out that you’re not supposed to grab fingers. He said he didn’t know, but he did stop. Finally broke through his body triangle and got his hooks out, and had him half rolled over to get in his guard, but he pushed me back down (and inadvertently slammed his knee right on my bruised ribs; I fell right over). Bumped back to half guard, then to a sloppy version of last night’s sweep and up to knee-on-belly. Practicing that drill from Path to the Black Belt again. His far arm came up and I tried for the spinning armbar there, but missed it horribly — came up way too high and sat down way too abruptly. Boo. A little scramble to finish the round.

He immediately asked, “Did I have that tight?”
Had to think; had what tight…? “Oh, the body triangle?”
“Yeah, was it tight? I thought I had it tight, but you didn’t tap.”
“No one taps to body triangles.”

Plans for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday are still unmade. That’s all Karate College, but Adam’s fight is on Saturday on the other side of the state, and he said today that he really wants us all there. So those of us who are still slacking about making plans are probably going to make plans to drive down on Friday or Saturday and go to the fight. At the moment, too, we’re having class on Thursday night. Perry hasn’t been at the academy for the last week or so, so I haven’t been able to sign up through him, which I need to do so I can get in… So, well, we’ll see…

I do at least get Thursday and Friday off from work. There will be much sleeping, and much icing of painful joints (two swollen toes and two swollen fingers, plus both elbows and one shoulder).


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