They read my mind

I went back to setting goals for class tonight:

And then we actually worked a technique that included the latter. (So I didn’t have to guess nearly so much or work it out on my own.)

I should do it more, I know, but I get distracted and forget. I always remember to write things down at work, but personal life, pfft. Doesn’t happen. I get too distracted by shiny new things — either new material, or a new way to record something, or whatever. (Office supplies… *drool*)

Head control: was remembering to do most of the time. Didn’t do it so great, maybe, but remembered.

Underhook: not much remembering in the first two rolls, but was going for it lots more after drilling.

A newer guy who comes rarely came in tonight to tell Tim that he was going to have to go to the doctor because he’d been bitten by a brown recluse spirder. He showed Tim the bite. Tim took one look and started laughing. Said it was ringworm that hadn’t been treated; was in the scaly phase. Ewww.

It was the hottest day of the year, so far, today. And the academy was hot, too. Put your gi on and you started sweating. Rolling to warmup.

Adam first. Concentrating on head control, mostly, though not always in the best places to get it — under side control and mount. Again. (Had a later round with him again — and rolled in approximately the same spot on the mats — so I’m getting everything mixed up.) I’ve been reading a few threads on Sherdog about dealing with bigger guys (#1and #2), and both suggested doing armdrags and taking the back. So every time we’d reset, I’d try that; he let me get around once each round. But then he just rolls through, so that’s the end of that. Caught in a lot of stuff, too, in both rounds, though I actually saw ahead just enough a few times and noticed I was putting myself into a triangle; postured up and got the lazy arm out of the way.

Next with a guy who sometimes goes hard, almost to the point of completely overwhelming me, for the first minute or so or until he catches something. Mostly survived that first onslaught, but right toward the end, he caught my near arm under his shin and went for the far-side kimura. No hands available for tapping. He slid his back foot up to knee-on-belly (said later he was going for mount) and inadvertently cranked that kimura a little faster than I was expecting. A little yelping tap. Then he was tired and he felt bad about my arm, so he was going slow and letting me work around him a lot. Worked positions a lot. Even worked the knee-on-belly drill I’d read last night in The Path to the Black Belt (#13, Side-to-side drill: Knee on the stomach), and worked trying to ride it out. Not too bad, though my leg needs to be posted out further; he could grab it too easily.

Drilling was a half-butterfly half-guard sweep, starting from when someone gets you flattened out in half guard. All the guys paired up quick, so I was going to work in with Nick and Clifton. But then one of them had apparently been hiding and started wandering aimlessly around the mat, so Tim put me with him. One of my least favorite things: guys who squeeze tight and exert a ton of pressure as a drilling partner. And who “extend” and/or “defend” a technique. Dude, drilling here. Quit it. Despite the uncooperative drilling partner, I think I really like this sweep; it requires flexibility and not a lot of strength, which fits me fine. So I need to remember to find something shiny to write it down on so I’ll remember to do it. 😉

Then rolling with your drilling partner. (We seem to do that a lot, which is one of the reasons I try to get in with guys I like to roll with; otherwise, I get stuck like this.) He continued his squeezing and pressuring. I tried working head control, getting underhooks, and working the sweep from class. Hit it smooth once and a little spazzy a time or two more. I was able to get around to his back once, but he peeled me off; got around a second time, not as much control, and he got away from it. He kept trying to break my guard by driving his elbows in to my thighs. Another least favorite thing. Was able to hold out against it, though. At some point he pulled me in to back mount and was trying for the RNC; I was sliding out the bottom. He punched me square in the nose while trying to grab something. Ow. Seeing stars for a moment. Stop please. Sat out the rest of the round (maybe a minute left). Would’ve sat out the next round, but Tim had no sympathy for me and put me back in. (Me out would’ve made an uneven number.)

With Adam again. Trying to remember head control and working on that sweep. Did get that sweep a few times. He gets underhooks easily, and I remembered a few times to take them back. This round is blurring with the first round. He caught a head-and-arm choke on both sides. I had them defended correctly, but he took the defending arm and started kimura-ing it as well, which is actually what got the tap. (Started tapping my own arm on the second; had to go find his arm. Think I patted him on the head instead…) Still under side control and mount mostly. From side control once, or maybe half guard, at one point his lapels were loose and dangling; one was actually trailing back under his leg. I half-remembered reading (or maybe half-seeing the guys after class working it) about a sweep somewhere where you wrapped the lapel around their leg; figured I had nothing to lose so worked it all the way around (I think I took it under and grabbed it above — apparently I half-remember doing it, too!). Whatever I did, though, it worked, and I got the sweep and to side control. Happy day! The guys get excited when they get a submission; I get happy when my hands or elbows were in the right place, or I got a sweep, or I did an escape properly. Sometime in there, he had mount and was working for an armbar; his belt had come loose earlier and gotten wrapped around between us; when he came around for the armbar, one loop of his belt was across my throat and choking me and another was across my nose. He paused to clear it, and then we continued. Afterward, he said that it may not feel like it to me, but that to him it feels like I’m rolling so much better. I said thanks, that I don’t see it, but that I do believe him.

Around the web: Leigh’s two posts (here and here) on what women consider “bulky” in a woman (not what is bulky, but what the average cardio-bunny woman thinks is “bulky”/too muscular). Leigh took surveys and used actresses’ bodies for the women to compare. Interesting results. For one, the women surveyed would rather be fat than muscular. (Seriously?! I find that messed up. Then again, I flip 200-lb tires and whack them with sledgehammers. I was apparently not in the survey pool.) Most also thought that it was harder to get “skinny” than to look like a bodybuilder. (Well, for the first, you just quit eating; for the second, you take steroids. Not eating is hard. I like eating. Pills are easier. Okay, so maybe they’re right… *snort*.)

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