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on June 18, 2009

I’d decided to go to class, and then all day everything was achy. Never quite loosened up in class, either. Blergh.

No one to let us in early. Nick and I were there before everyone else again, so we sat in his car and waited. A few more guys showed up and hung out outside the car until Justin got there to let us in. More guys came in after even that. A little larger group than last night. Most of the new kids came back, and they brought a friend.

Warmup was normal, though we went longer on the single legs because they weren’t getting it.

A round to warm up. I went with a white belt. Started feeling rather bleh in the middle of the round, though. Started from butterfly, trying for a sweep, but didn’t quite have my hips right and had to go to guard. Got his back (he tends to overextend his arms). He expects the RNC, so just worked on positioning. Switched to mount, though he was on his side, but then he gave up his back again, this time on his stomach. Easy slide in for the choke. Tried for several triangles later — did pivot the right way this time — but I have no control over the arm that’s in, and I can’t figure out how to get it when one arm is underhooking his leg and the other is grabbing my shin. I need a third arm. My free leg is turned in, knee pressuring toward his armpit, but he (and everyone else) just circles that arm out and I can’t stop it. (I seriously just went to look that up in Jiu-Jitsu University, to make sure I’m doing it right. Seem to be…) From one of those failed triangles, I got the foot of the leg behind his head to wrap under his arm as he was pulling it out; switched sides and underhooked the other side, and he fell right over. In a funky mount, though, and couldn’t quite work out how to get out or what to do. He got to side control at some point, and then I noticed I was feeling even more bleh than before. Tried breathing more. Didn’t do much.

Drilling next, and I thought I was going to puke or pass out. Lovely. Usually I stand and walk around during the technique portion, mostly as a clue to new guys that it’s okay to move to see better (they usually get it, too, and start moving to the right side); today I sat and half-listened. Thankfully, it was Old School, which I’ve done. Did try to see if there was anything I’d missed before. Maybe the detail of driving your shoulder to the mat as your leg sweeps through.

Nick grabbed me to drill so he wouldn’t get stuck with the new guys (and maybe so I wouldn’t, either). Even though he’s the biggest guy in class, this is kind of easy for me to do on him. He had a harder time getting in tight on me; his arms were too long. It’s always amusing… Did feel better after drilling for a while.

Then a roll. With Nick. At some point, he tried to stand up in my closed guard, and I got up with him. He got lazy with one arm, and I was able to pop under it and got halfway shimmied around to his back. He started laughing (Adam looked up from his roll and laughed, too), but then he shook me off and we went back to the ground. He tried a choke later (don’t know what) that I defended correctly.

Last roll with Adam. Was either ineffective under his side control or lost holding guard. I’d get back to guard when he let me escape side control, and then I’d totally blank on what I know from guard. Tried an armbar once (and he let me set it up), except I just could not seem to pivot worth anything — and first had to remember what I was doing and figure out which side was which. Blergh. At one point, I only had an open guard, using my feet to keep contact anywhere from his knees to his hips while he tried to pressure in and pass. Hips seemed to wake up and start chasing, so I think I did that well, at least. He pulled back one hand as if he was going to drop down and start striking — practicing for his fight next weekend. I felt slow, though, and sloppy.

I might stop by tomorrow and see if anyone will drill armbars and triangles with me. Don’t want to roll (well, want to, but am trying to be at least semi-smart). Then class Saturday.

I have to get up at 5:30 tomorrow to go with my mom to the doctor. She called me today and asked me to go with her; she just failed to mention that this particular doctor’s office is 45 minutes away. She has to be there by 6:30. Ack. Can’t sleep in cars, either. Do have my work laptop, so I may get a jumpstart on the day. Or may fall asleep in the waiting room. I should be sleeping now, but was still a little too wired so decided to write first.


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