The problem with taking a day off…

…is you lose that low-level “everything is hurting and tired” buzz, and things that really hurt start to come through. The good news is that I had energy tonight, which I needed.

The kickboxers are off for a tournament tomorrow night at Virginia Beach (who does tournaments on Thursdays?!), so neither Perry nor Gary was there for the kids’ TKD classes (since they’re the coaches), and Perry’s wife wasn’t there for the cardio kickboxing class. I totally forgot about that and got to the academy at ~5:45. The lights were on, but no one was home. Locked out.

Nick showed up a while later; he’d wanted to work out before class. While we waited, we swapped stories of rolling with girls: my weekend vs. his last summer/break at home, when he rolled with Emily Kwok. One of the kids got dropped off, and then three new guys walked up. Adam and Tim are both at church most Wednesdays, so we had to wait on Justin to get there from work with a key. By then it was nearly class time. Then the new guys had to sign waivers, and then another new guy showed up, so we were late getting started.

About 10-12 in class, I think, with the 4 new guys, two newer guys (including the kids), and the rest of us. Nick started the warmup, but he needs more practice. Couldn’t remember the calls. I was teasing him. Some purple belt. I admit I felt a little smug on the bear crawls when I could blast past all the slow new guys. I think I lapped them all.

With new guys, it’s either a brutal warmup until they puke/pass out/drop out or a very repetitive warmup because they don’t know how to do anything. Today, thank goodness, was the latter. Not that it was any less work, just that there’s less chance of me joining them for the puke/pass out part. Shrimping: lots and lots, with Justin and Nick both teaching the new guys and telling them that this is the key to jiu-jitsu. They looked skeptical. (Smug again because I could get 2 runs before the new guys finished 1. [I know, they’re new; they don’t know how to do it. And Adam & Justin would’ve had 2 again for each of mine. I try to write what happens and how I reacted then, and not just give you the cleaned-up holier-than-thou version. You can have your holier-than-thou moment pretending you wouldn’t have thought that way.]) Of course that also meant I did a whole lot more trips down the mat than they did. I just kept going until we moved on. Eventually on to single-leg shots; same deal: lots and lots and lots. Then alligators (ow, my quads!), only 2 runs on those; I’m not crazy. Then squat jumps, 2 again.

On to drilling. Pinch pass first. Second, side control to mount.

I drilled with one of the kids. He has gotten funny this last week, and I’m not sure he realizes it: he’s suddenly perky and bubbly and everyone’s best friend. He knows my name (although, 1 girl = not hard to learn) and talks to me all the time. Before class, he was talking about having so many new guys. I wanted to mention that he’s still considered a new guy, but I didn’t. (He’s still clueless about so many things, but it comes in a cute puppy package, so you can’t not like him.) Then we got to the technique, and he wanted to work with me; Justin told those of us who knew the pass to work with the new guys, so I started to walk off but then remember that, oh right, he is a new guy and didn’t know it.

Again with the questions about techniques, which is fine; I answered again with, “Well, try it.” Ooooh. Always a good way to learn. He asked me how long I’d been doing jiu-jitsu; when I told him, he asked me when I was going to have my first fight. I replied that I really wasn’t interested in fighting. He said, “Then why do jiu-jitsu?” Because it’s fun. Because I like it. I compete in tournaments. Then he asked if there’s such a thing as “women’s MMA.” I said that yes, there was, and it did not involve mud, jello, or bikinis. He said, “Well, darn.” I think he was mostly serious, too. *shakes head* Kids these days…

We were supposed to drill the first, then the second, and eventually work them both together, but the new guys had no clue, so we stayed on the second longer.

Finally on to rolling with our drilling partner. First time rolling with him since he introduced himself the first night and accidently insulted me. I’m not holding it against him, I’m really not; but until some other guy says something idiotic before rolling with me, he gets to keep this distinction. Anyway, he has calmed down considerably since that first night. Soon he may even start doing jiu-jitsu. Since he’d questioned the usefulness of butterfly guard on Monday and I hadn’t been able to show him, I started from there tonight so I could sweep him. Had quite a few of a leg lift/cut the leg sweep, which always seemed to surprise him. Even somehow passed to mount at one point, using the technique from class, though a spazzy roll swept me right after. He had mount at one point, too, from a pick-me-up bump sweep, but he had told me while we were drilling that the only thing he knows from mount is the kimura so I was watching for it; “the key to jiu-jitsu” got me out.

Went the wrong way, though, half-thinking of setting something up, and gave up side control. I moved a little, but mostly waited to see if he could recognize the position and get to the side-control-to-mount that we’d worked earlier. He did get to side control and get his grips right, to which I said, “Good,” but then tried hopping over to mount. Tsk, tsk; now I take half-guard. Shrimped to guard. He said when I got there that he didn’t know how to break guard; his first attempts, thankfully, were neither slamming nor elbows nor ripping my feet. He was doing lots of hand-fighting; I was doing lots of pulling him off-balance with my hips. (Thought later that I should’ve opened my guard, if he didn’t know how to break it, but didn’t realize it until after class.) I tried bump sweep or guillotine, but was coming down between them; I think I need to bait the guillotine, since he knows it and overreacts to it, and then hit the bump sweep as his weight jerks back. He did eventually reach back for my foot to break guard, and I got my hips up and my leg over and almost had that triangle right; pivoted the wrong way though (doh) and couldn’t recover. Tried switching to the armbar, but was too loose and was losing him.

Second roll, jumped in with Nick. Time to play. A few sweeps on him, too. Even working some Z-guard, though I’ve never drilled any sweeps from there. (Seen, yes. Done, no.) From butterfly once, he let me take his back; rolled him over, got my hooks, and tried playing from there. Got a reverse hook (foot goes from outside to in), but then went the wrong way with it (toward the ground on my side instead of going across) and he got away. Hips were moving pretty decently, I thought; caught a few half-guards when he tried to use his long legs to get around and got some decent shrimping action in and out and around. And avoided a D’Arce, which are way too easy for him to grab since his arms are extra long.

I may sneak in to class tomorrow (!), skip Friday, and come see what they’re doing on Saturday. Adam’s fight is next weekend, so Saturday probably won’t be too intense. Next week is Karate College, too. Paul Creighton and Renzo will be here teaching; I’ll probably get over for both of theirs. Maybe take Bill Wallace’s classes, too, since he is also awesome. (But I haven’t worked my kicks in a long while, and last year I was sore for a week after his class! And that’s when I was “in shape” for kicking!)


2 thoughts on “The problem with taking a day off…

  1. It is a lot of fun, though I think I wore myself out last year trying to do a little of everything (though I did get to all of Paul’s, Renzo’s, and Matt Serra’s seminars). This year I’m being pickier and just doing a few.

    There are lots of 7th, 8th, 9th, and even 10th degree black belts from different martial arts there. Some of them teach; some of them take classes along with everyone else.

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