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Back on my mats

on June 15, 2009

This weekend was like a dream. Not just because it was a lot of fun, but also because it felt really odd to be training somewhere other than my own academy. Getting back tonight, it felt almost as if I hadn’t been away, and yet I’d missed them all so much.

Silly work, running out of stuff for me to do. Or silly me, for actually finishing it early. (Someone deleted the database entry. And didn’t document it. That’s the worst part. Bad someone. [We have a guess who, but he got fired — and for just that sort of thing — so we can’t ask.]) So, as per my usual, insanely early to class. And bouncing up and down the whole time waiting for Tim or someone to get there so I could tell them about my awesome weekend. Tim wasn’t there last week on the nights I went — that already seems so long ago — so I didn’t get to tell him where I was heading.

He and Justin finally got there, so I could tell them. Tim said he was glad that I’d found out about it and gotten to go, that rolling with other girls was good for me. And he was really happy to hear that there were blue belts girls there that I got to work with. (Got worked over by, I think is more accurate, but still good.)

Small class, and one of the kids bought a gi and came tonight. There may be hope for him. Short warmup, though my hips and quads were screaming. Hips got worked over more than usual this weekend, mostly because I actually had to use them to move since I wasn’t squishered under mount and side control the whole times.

Then straight to a roll. Got with Adam. Of course he lets me play anyway, but I was working to move more, too. I left a triangle and two other things (brain freeze) hanging open too long. Like I did this weekend, I tried to work the defenses I know, since he just slowly tightens it. Nope, need more work. But, seemed to be moving well. Might not have rested my body this weekend, but my mind is refreshed.

Drilling next. Two butterfly guard passes. I drilled with the kid, since he was closest in size. He kept asking lots of questions — Isn’t this just setting yourself up for a guillotine? (his only and therefore favorite submission), I’ve never seen this position [butterfly guard] before. What good is it?, and the like — and I’d try to answer them as best I could. For the guillotine one, I just said, “Well, try it.” Hand… doesn’t… fit… through. Oooh. Yeah. Really, I have no problem working with them or rolling with them as long as they chill. This one may be on his way to chilling.

We drilled for a long time. Neither of these passes seemed to like me. The kid said at one point that he didn’t like one of the passes. I said that it’s too soon to decide if you like it yet or not; we haven’t drilled it nearly enough. Said not to throw it out yet, that you might need it one day.

Time for one more roll. I was going to roll with the kid, but Tim split us up and let me play with Justin while he rolled with the kid. I dropped myself into an omoplata early — doh! — and couldn’t remember the nonoplata beyond the grab-own-pants stage. (Remembered most of it, maybe, on the way home. Doh.) He finished that. Most of the rest of the roll was me getting rolled over my head while he tried to take my back. He tried a calf pinch at some point, and I’d seen someone — Andrew, maybe, or Alaina — defend one of those or something similar enough this weekend; did what I remembered, and sure enough, got out of that. Just getting to the top when time was called.

And, oh! I was the smelly gi tonight :o. Actually my clean one, but it sat in my bag all day in my car, and the bag had both gis in it this weekend, and they stunk by the end of the day. Adam was wrinkling his nose and trying to discreetly sniff his gi, so I had to admit that it was probably me. He sniffed mine and agreed. The bag is being Febreezed to pieces as I type…

Taking tomorrow off; easy to talk myself into that since I didn’t get to rest this weekend. Even told someone that I wasn’t coming in, so now I really can’t.


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