More Richmond open mat

This time at Revolution BJJ, on the other side of town. Went to church first and then lunch with Jennie, then back out to her place to get my car; then I drove back in to town (and around in circles — thanks a lot, Mapquest. It did get me there eventually, but there was a shorter and less “ack, turn now!” route.) to Revolution BJJ. Got there right as everyone else did.

Yesterday, I was seeing all the holes in my game (and my brain) that I usually can’t see at home, either because I’m so used to always doing X when they do Y or because the guys usually blast through so fast I can’t tell if I screwed up with W or with Z. But, since the girls were just incredibly technical and using pressure (not power), I could see most every mistake I made. I tried to work on fixing some of all that yesterday, though by the time I had it figured out, I was tired and not moving well at all. (And I was spending most of every round trying to watch what all they were doing. So much awesome.)

I also re-discovered the joy that is jiu-jitsu yesterday. The girls were all smiling [some so much that I was sure they had seen a manical submission and were about to catch me in something crazy — nope, just happy], and good & technical sweeps or escapes or almost anything good got a “Nice!” or a “Good!” I’ve missed that; I’ve been probably mostly grumpy the last few months or more.

So, my goals for today were to work on all the passive roll-over-and-play-dead habits that have crept in to my game (and are far more widespread than I thought) and to smile more. Have fun, for Pete’s sake; it’s jiu-jitsu! Definitely had fun. Still need a lot more work on the first one, but definitely had a lot of fun.

I like how they start rolls at Revolution: “Do you want to play?” Yes, yes, I do. Very much.

I might have to start borrowing that.

I got to roll with Lo again; I rolled with her yesterday. Tough chica. We rolled to warm up. Partway through we stopped to agree that rolling slow and technical to warm up is much better than starting off with the spazzing Abu Dhabi guys. Also got to roll with Chrissy and with Alaina, and with at least 1 other girl (and my brain is going blank on names! Rats).

Rolled with Andrew twice, once gi and once nogi. It’s like rolling with smoke. He’s right there, but you can’t seem to hold on to him, even when he lets you. You start thinking, “So, is he really going to sit there and let me finish th–er, where’d he go?” You didn’t let go; he’s just suddenly 3 inches to the other side. It’s absolutely hilarious and oddly fun. And it wears you out, while he looks like he’s almost asleep on a couch somewhere. 😛

Also got to roll with two of the guys there: Vince, a purple belt, who offered lots of advice and lots of “Ooo, nice!” comments (and he said I was working very technically, which is a big wohoo!) and Dax (I think), a much bigger-than-me white belt. He’s about the size of most of my guys; I think he just seemed a lot bigger today because I’d been rolling with girls so recently. Trying to work again on not giving up just because they got something. And to smile — it’s still lots of fun.

They roll gi for the first hour and a half or so and then switch to nogi. So after switching from the Lucky gi (is heavy! wow.) to nogi, I rolled with one of the girls (another name I forgot. Sowwy.) first. Definitely moving faster without the gi. Got to work my triangle defense, though in the end I couldn’t get out. (Did fall right in to it.) Then with Andrew to finish up.

So wiped out! Sore, tight, and tired in lots of places. And I’m nutty enough that I think that’s a good thing. 😀 A few of us had stayed longer than everyone else, so we helped clean the mats. I drove back home straight after. Tomorrow morning I have to figure this whole job and routine again…


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