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"Be gentle, kind and beautiful, yet firm and strong, both mentally and physically." ~Sensei Keiko Fukuda

Wednesday class

on June 10, 2009

The new kids seem to be increasing. Seems to be new ones every night. Tonight, just six of us and a whole heck of a lot more of them. And yes, at the moment it is an us vs. them situation — those of us who value our limbs, don’t like getting kneed in the face, and don’t roll Abu Dhabi all the time trying to deal with the influx of young teenage males who wrestled “like, for 3 months” and learned all their “jiu-jitsu” from UFC. I know they’ll settle down eventually (or quit — several already have, but more have come to replace them); just right now, it’s frustrating and a little frightening.

Warmups are also brutal when they’re all here because they have way too much energy, so the warmup tries to drain some of that energy. I recognize this, and I agree with it, but I also try to pace myself more during the warmup. I’m not a 14-year-old boy, so I’m not going to try to keep up with him.

So, brutal warmup. Far longer on the around-the-mat drills than usual. All the more intense drills down the mat. Then circling up for more. Short break, then to rolling.

Started with Stephen. Working on hooks, both underhooking the leg with my arm and using my feet more. Not that I could do anything with them, but I was thinking of them and trying them. Lots of recomposing guard from side control from me, but couldn’t hold guard once I got there.

Then sat out the next round because we had an odd number. Well, even, but an odd number rolling: Justin was watching everyone roll because more than half the class was the new kids. He looked over at me several times during this round and just shook his head as the kids forgot everything Tim’s told them and did the ram head-butting-style rolling. I did notice then and throughout the night that those of us with any experience are all avoiding these kids, and that’s even the bigger guys who could easily control them. No one likes a spazz, kids.

Drilling up next. Same pass as last night. I think I picked up/did a few parts a little better. Got paired with one of the new kids, though, one who I rolled with last Thursday (he of the twisted neck crank). He was at least calm during drilling. (Usually Tim has to stop them several times during drilling and tell them that this isn’t a competition, that they need to drill it slowly and tight and right. Did hear Justin tonight on one of the pairs — two new guys — for that.)

Then rolling with the same partner. He started off trying to pull me in to his guard while I had my knee up; led to a pass and side control for me, though he exploded out quickly. Similar to last week, from inside my guard, he wanted this twisted can-opener thingy (which, once again, is only just now starting to hurt). He also got a front-crucifix-thing, also from inside my guard, that pushed my nose to my knee, and which he then tried to lock up like a guillotine, but there was zero pressure. For the first, hip out to the open side and take his back; for the second, hip out to the open side, pop the head out, and come back to guard. Didn’t have his back long on that first one, though. He must have seen (or thought he saw because it wasn’t quite right) a bump sweep because he tried it several times; the one where he picked me entirely off the mat first was the one that worked. A little hip/elbow, though, and we’re back up, me in his guard. I was still trying to work hooks and feel out the leverage they gave me. Don’t think I got any to work, though one was close; needed to get hips out more and to cut the other leg under better (often have trouble with that bottom leg getting lazy on me).

Last roll with the new non-teenage guy who I like working with, Guillaume. (He doesn’t spazz, he tries to work the techniques, and he taps without an ego problem. Also, everyone is besting him easily right now, yet he shows up again and again with a smile.) Still working underhooks. Did get that sweep I’d nearly had the last roll to work this time; landed me in mount. He’d been working with Jeremy, a blue belt, after class last night on mount escapes, so I just worked on holding mount and letting him try to remember. He didn’t remember, though, so I finally moved to side control; he tried to hug me down, so I passed to north/south, and he just left that top arm sitting there (even though I’d seen someone catch that same kimura on him earlier). Locked it in and concentrated on the technique. Did notice that my weight seemed high; felt I could’ve been swept easily, but couldn’t seem to get it to go down. Huh… Trying several triangles from guard because he leaves one hand in just the right spot; he knew the triangle was coming, though, and so was working on defending it. I was looking for the armbar or the omoplata, but his arms weren’t where I needed them and nothing I did seemed to get them there. Gave up several passes to side control while trying to work it out; back to guard to try it all again.

That was class. Hair cut and packing tomorrow, driving to Richmond on Friday, Women’s Open Mat on Saturday, driving back on Sunday. So not back on my mats until Monday. *le sigh* I miss them already… Dopey mat-head…


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