Bringing the hammer

Not me, though. Apparently all that rest didn’t help much; had nothing from the get-go, and everyone else was going full-speed ahead. Pooh.

Small class. We started rolling. Adam first. He let me work, though he was moving a lot; I couldn’t seem to get in any decent position. He caught a D’Arce that I’d left open. Justin next. Shiny Lucky gi. Lots of pressure, and I wasn’t handling it well. Getting stuck flat a lot; hips not moving where I wanted them to. Caught in an armbar when I tried to escape from a triangle. Then Clifton. Just stuck in general; he’s been working the wrestler’s cradle for his side control, and the two escapes that I semi-know don’t do anything for me. Defending my neck a lot, at the end with him on my back.

Drilling was a half-guard pass. Drilled with a white belt, and of course he needs to practice that shoulder pressure. Right on one of the spots where my ribs are bruised. Holding my breath and bracing against it most of the time. I kept feeling as if I was loose and wrong and all out of sorts, and then he’d say that was the tightest one yet. *shakes head*

A few more rolls. Mark first, and it was more pressure. He hit the pass from class right off. Lost my arm soon after, and he worked it until he had the armbar. Stuck under everything again. Then with Jeremy, and more of the same.

Not working grips; basically forgetting the gi exists. Unable to get out from under pressure, so just stuck most of the time. Bleh.


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