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Trying something new

on June 4, 2009

But first, 14 months today yesterday. My something new has already messed me up…

Anyway, need more sleep, and the primary thing I do at night after food and shower is write. So, the writing’s moving to the morning, in that first thirty minutes at work while I’m waiting for the coffee to brew and kick in. We’ll see how it goes.

Huge class last night. All the kids were back. Tim said something about a “light warmup,” but it wasn’t so much. Did get all trips on all things. Then we went to partner drags, but I was the odd one out. Two of the kids were doing it fairly quickly, so Tim sent me over to drag the smaller when they finished.

Rolling next. Tim put me with the new guy from last night. I think Adam rolled with him last night, and then was keeping me away from him; said the guy was muscling and spazzy. But maybe he thought he should go easier on a girl, because he wasn’t too rough; a few moments, but mostly okay. I actually got to do some work since he wasn’t just trying to overpower me. I’m still trying to go slow and smooth and tight. Positions early: side control to mount. He did roll me from there, so I started working on finding something from my guard. Got an almost-triangle (his other hand was *just* in and I couldn’t get around for the last bit of the angle — and he learned the triangle last night, so he knew what I was trying to do). Transitioned to a scissor sweep variation (push the knee instead of sweep through it) and back to mount; there a while but couldn’t find anything. Moved to side control and worked to the reach-under/slide-across D’Arce (from side control, reach top hand across their face and back under their neck; walk hips through N/S to opposite side, using knee/hip to pin inside arm; slip in D’Arce, sink hips toward their head to finish). Losing control during it, but he didn’t know how to get away. No Captain Caveman appeared afterward, either, which is always nice. Somehow ended back in side control; worked to the head-and-arm choke. Again, don’t think it was very tight or controlled, but he didn’t know what to do again. Then got him in my guard and had the almost-triangle again. This time, his inside arm was further across, and I saw and remembered — and did! — the switch to armbar.

Next roll with Will. Roles reversed. Under mount and side control mostly. Sweeps and escapes weren’t doing so well. Still working on moving slow and smooth. Some bottom half-guard to guard work. Somehow, I forget, I got pulled in to a triangle; had my other arm somewhat in, so I had some space; but we were going to be there a long time and he would eventually get it, so tapped so we could move on sooner.

Drilling next. A head-and-arm choke. I drilled with Jeremy. He’s really tall, which made the drill a little awkward, especially for him; he couldn’t both keep the pressure on my shoulder and drive his knee across my stomach. He finally started driving my trapped leg across and sliding his knee across my quad since that was more comfortable. Added bonus is that I was then twisted in two directions — head and arm going one way, legs going another — which made escape less likely.

One more roll, with Jeremy. 20-minute roll. He’s been out for about 2 months, and he’d had two of the kids earlier, so he was content to roll at my pace, both of us working slow & tight & smooth. Escapes were actually working decently (i.e., just enough to get away). He did lock up an anaconda choke; tried getting around and to my knees, but couldn’t get the angle to get up. Was able to walk away from his legs for a while, but his longer legs eventually caught up and he finished it. He was trying the move from class several times, at which we both laughed because I certainly wasn’t bringing my arm up to help him out. We stopped several times while moving from floppy kids and looked at each other and said, “Geez, that’s a long roll!”

Mexican after with Clifton and Nick. Talk is about going to NAGA NC on July 11th and US Grappling Submission Only in Richmond the next weekend. (Looking at the USG site today, Women’s Lightweight is 115 – 129.9. I dunno why I got 119 in my head. So, I’m golden. Not physiologically possible to make 114.9. NAGA NC has a 119 [NAGA VA had a note saying they “might” add a 119 if enough girls showed up, which didn’t happen], but probably not worth aiming for. So, back to your regularly scheduled eating.)

At work yesterday, we updated a test script that tests a program we designed. The test script was written by the customer (nevermind that we already have several test scripts for this exact goal written, but whatever). Today, the customer lead sent us an email saying that she was sending it to someone else in her company for review because she didn’t think our comments were correct. Er, ‘cuse me, we designed the program you’re testing. We based the test script off the actual scripts used in the program. How do you think we aren’t right? We just laugh, though; some people are silly. (And she could’ve just said she was forwarding it for review; no reason to insinuate we’re incompetent.)


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