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Many Fails

on June 4, 2009

One, it’s not morning, but I’m writing my post.
Two, I rolled before class.
Three, I rolled during class.
Four, my body said it was tired, but I ignored it.
Five, I got my shoulder wrenched during drills.

I’m sure there are others, but that’s all I can think of right now.

Went to class tonight, thinking I would be able to sit and just drill. Wouldn’t have worked anyway, since we didn’t actually drill.

Perry asked to roll before class, since he’s usually teaching during all the jiu-jitsu classes. He likes to do wrist locks, since they do them in the Krav Maga classes. I finally had to ask him to not do them, since I don’t know how to defend them and they were really hurting, and he gets them lightning fast; I need my wrists for work! Somehow got a rug burn on the back of one elbow, either from his gi pants or from the mat (we rolled in the ring). Didn’t feel as if I was moving anyways decent.

Class was small, with two kids and the new guy. Starting out with rolling. I got to roll with Adam first, just going nice and easy. He let me get to side control, so I tried the technique from last night. Actually got my arm around and through and almost got completely to mount before he got away. I think I didn’t keep my head down and pressure there when transitioning to mount, which gave him space. For the rest, just trying to stay smooth and calm and not to spaz, though I did catch myself doing that sometimes. He had a couple of D’Arces that I couldn’t escape.

Next roll, I started to sit out because a guy had come in late and was waiting on the side of the mat. I thought he was doing class (he was dressed for it), so I was sliding off to make room, but apparently he was just watching (and stretching and talking to Tim and looking like he was ready to hit the mat). So I get chewed out for not being in there, and then the only guy left was one of the kids. Pulled guard as soon as I could get past his stiff-arm. He wasn’t even trying to break my guard, just arm-wrestling. Tried bump sweep/kimura/guillotine, but every time my head would come off the mat, he’d try some funky reach over sort-of guillotine thing; I have no clue what it was, but he’d reach his arms for the opposite sides of my head, so his torso was twisting up and over, and my head was getting pushed to one side, toward his knee. Supposed to be a neck crank, I think, though I’m just now starting to feel it. (Neck is so stiff, ow.) So then I was stuck for a while. Finally managed to get my arm under his leg and pivot, and a pendulum sweep from there. From mount, nothing.

Somehow ended up on his back; tried for the RNC, but didn’t quite have control of him, and he’d pull just far enough out that I couldn’t finish. (Heard Tim on the side giving directions — I think he was talking to me, but I’m not entirely sure; seemed to fit my situation. He wasn’t saying names. Did do what he was saying, but still couldn’t quite finish.) He eventually got back to my guard, and then I was fending off the neck cranks again. This time he had his weight back, so I couldn’t get the pendulum sweep; heard Tim say something about getting a hook in — not sure it was me again — but did realize that there’s a sweep that starts with a hook in. Got the far leg hooked and lifted, and then could roll him toward the other side and got back to mount. (Then Tim said, “Good, Leslie,” so I knew it was for me.) Still nothing from there, though. He got back to my guard, and this time when I sat up I managed to get a guillotine in. Sat back, hips out (though probably not far enough), got my hand, back arched, head down. Held it for what felt like forever, and then he got his hand around my non-wrapped hand and jerked it out.

Then a round of King of the Hill: Guard Passing. Adam, Nick, and Jon started on the mat. They could submit us; we just had to pass. I went against Jon first, after seeing him triangle the first guy. He was trying for one on me, and somehow I managed to get both arms away and under; caught the double-unders and was trying the pass, but couldn’t get enough weight on him (because I don’t have enough, heh) to get his knees anywhere close to his nose. He finally managed to leg-press me up and off-balance (since his legs are longer than me kneeling) and then swept me. He said later, though, that I’d nearly had it and that I’d scared him there. So few people, so there was hardly a break. Didn’t get past anyone’s guard. The few guys we did have were dropping out, though, so by the end it was just me going from person to person.

More rolling. With the new guy again. He was going harder and rougher than he had last night, but he’d start by trying to pull guard while jerking me backwards, except his legs would be low, and I’d slide my near knee over and pass to side control. Really working on going slow and smooth; still a few bumpy parts. From side control generally to mount. His arm came across, so I started to work the armbar: knee forward and pivot, weight on him, s-guard — and then he wrapped up the arm I was attacking with his other arm and also grabbed under my hamstring. Tried to see if I could get it out without jerking anything, but couldn’t. Sloppy and off-balance transition to s-guard on the other side — anyone else would’ve swept me easy — though it did do what I wanted and got his arms in a different position, which let me secure the arm and sit back. Again to side control. Had a head-and-arm choke at one point and a D’Arce from half-guard (though he doesn’t know half-guard and so didn’t have it caught at all). I think I had his back at one moment, though I don’t think that I found anything there.

All long rolls tonight.

Will next. Still trying for smooth and slow. Under side control and mount. Trying to focus on moving my hips, though generally flattened out. Nothing exciting from either of us that round.

King of the Hill: Side Control next. Clifton, Adam, and Nick on the mat; we had to hold them in side control while they had to escape. Started straight off Clifton. Had two moments of side control recovery, and then he escaped and took my back — and my arm with it. Tried to turn with it but couldn’t; there was a quick jerk, and I yelped. That hurt. Right in the shoulder; overstretched something, I dunno. Hurt. Couldn’t figure out which way to stretch it on the side.

Tried to go back in anyway, thinking I could use the other side, but Tim wouldn’t let me. He actually made me leave class, get my stuff, and leave. We still had about 15 minutes of class time. I so did not want to do that. I can tuck that arm in my shorts. I can cut the arm off. Just don’t make me leave… I know, it’s somehow for my own good — and because I’m too stubborn to acknowledge when I’ve had enough. Still… *le sigh*

Icing and ibuprofen-ing. Probably shouldn’t go to Open Mat tomorrow, then; if Tim’s there, he’ll probably kick me out again. I’ll go Saturday morning, though, if nothing else to watch in street clothes. I’d rather be there than anywhere else.

And since I’m stubborner than even I gave myself credit for, I guess I really will have to take myself completely out of practice on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I can’t be trusted to sit on the side of a mat and to not roll.


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  1. […] a few parts a little better. Got paired with one of the new kids, though, one who I rolled with last Thursday (he of the twisted neck crank). He was at least calm during drilling. (Usually Tim has to stop them […]

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