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I fail…

on June 2, 2009

…at relaxing, that is. Supposed to “just drill” tonight. Ended up doing the whole class. Rats. I don’t want to have to pull myself completely off these nights. 😦 But I may have to if I can’t sit my butt down and watch.

Justin got one of the new Lucky gis. That thing is sharp! I really like the red stitching; it pops off the black. And it has logos and patches all over, even on the inside.

Small class, though everyone showed up at the last minutes, so for a bit there it seemed huge. Warmup, yeah, I just joined right in. Did, though, keep telling myself to take it easy. Did only 1 run down on most things. So not too horrible.

Then partnered up to roll… and I went along with that, too. Told myself I’d just take it easy. Which, actually, I did, and for most all of class, too. Started with Mark, and he was quite willing to go slowly; it was his first night back in several weeks, and he said afterward that he felt as if he was going to puke. Fun…. So he wasn’t defending nearly as much or as well as he normally would. Started off just moving through positions: guard pass to side control to mount to side control. From side control, for some reason, remembered the reverse armbar from a few weeks ago; tried it, but I don’t think my head was in the right place and/or I didn’t have his arm held right. He tipped me off, and we came up in a very slow scramble. Rather amusing, as if we were both in slow motion. Just working on moving tight and slow, and so was he, so that worked out well.

Another roll, and I couldn’t stop myself again. Brandon next. He was mostly also working slow and pressure, though I was on the bottom most of the time. About halfway through, he got hold of the corner of my gi top and started trying to work out how to choke me with it. Spent the rest of the round trying to work out how to get away from my own gi… Did pass to top side control once, but he still had that corner and nearly had me caught in it. Traitorous fabric.

Drilling next, triangle from guard. One new guy, so we stayed on it quite a while so they could teach him. Noticed my partner wasn’t doing it quite right (not getting the angle); straight off waved Justin over. And he told him that he wasn’t getting the angle.

More rolling, and still couldn’t pull myself away. Adam next. Still slow and steady, and he worked at my pace. At one point, got back to guard and got the corner of his gi and started playing with it. Got it around his arm and was thinking toward the pendulum sweep; he stopped me to point out the armbar. Oh, right, submissions. Those things. So rarely think of them. And I had the pendulum sweep backwards anyway. Doh. He let me work his back a bit, too, though I off-balanced too far in one direction and he swept me over.

Last roll, still on the mat. Rolled with Big Jesse. More slow pace, but tight. (Man, if I’d been rolling like this for the last few months, I probably wouldn’t be so worn out!) Everything he was doing was about pressuring my lower ribs, which are still bruised because I won’t sit long enough for them to heal. Scarf hold and knee-on-belly are the worst right now. Painful enough with the little guys; Big Jesse has ~90 lbs on me right now. Owowowowowowow. He paused at one point and asked if I was okay; I mentioned the ribs because they were really hurting. He said he’d work off his back for the rest of the round, so then I got to try to survive his guard and half-guard. I thanked him afterward for not squashing me and said that it had been a whole lot of pressure (which he said he’s been working on; for too long, he, like Big Tom, has tried not to use his weight on the smaller guys… which is everyone).


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