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"Be gentle, kind and beautiful, yet firm and strong, both mentally and physically." ~Sensei Keiko Fukuda

Days like these

on June 1, 2009

We’ve had two new guys start at work in the last week. I’ve been introduced as “invaluable” and “indispensible.” That’s cool; I’ll have been there 3 months this Thursday.

Small class tonight. All the new kids had talked about coming to gi, but none of them showed. Warmup, did get only 1 on something, but I forgot what; two on squat jumps.

Then we partnered up to drill armbar from mount: hands on their chest, spin, and pinch. 10 per side. Odd number, so I joined 2 other white belts. They were each doing more than 10 per side while I sat and watched. Tim finally made them stop and let me in.

Then we partnered to roll. Odd number, so Tim came in to roll with me. Nada. He was going really easy and light, and still caught lots of things that I left sitting out there.

Then we partnered up to drill armbars from the guard: regular armbar and then double armbar. Joined the same pair of guys. This time they let me in sooner. I’m not pivoting enough still.

Another drill: guard break. Any one you wanted. A new guy in another pair pulled out because of an injury, so I worked with his partner, a white belt. Tried to work all the ones I know. I was trying the knee up, opposite side pass; got fussed at for not looking up when trying to break the guard, and then the whole class got a lecture on looking up. Same pass, I lost my balance and my outside hand touched the mat; another lecture. Worked the high-knee guard break, and then the guy wanted to try it because he’s never done it. He didn’t do it right, and I got reamed out for teaching when I’m only a white belt. No point in saying I wasn’t teaching.

Two rolls to finish out. First with that guy. Under side control and mount. Then Brandon; more of the same.

Did some overhead squats with a bo staff before class; tried holding the Oly bar up and could barely do just that! Did a few sets of front squats instead with just the bar.


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