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Open Mat & the Memo I didn’t get

on May 29, 2009

I knew work would be light today, so I knew I could take my stuff and take off for class. Walking up to the academy, I saw Nick, Adam, Tim, and Jon in their gis. I only had nogi clothes with me. Awww. Checked my phone after class, though, and Nick had texted me to bring my gi. Wouldn’t have been able to get it anyway. I had been taking it for the first few weeks, and then since we were primarily going nogi, I stopped… and then we started going gi again. Doh.

Those four were already paired and rolling. Two of the new kids were there on another corner of the mat. I started warming up. Clifton came soon after; he had his gi, but he went Eddie Bravo style to roll with me. We rolled for 15-20 minutes. Had nothing. Caught in several RNCs and armbars. He’d get mount and try for a triangle from there; a few times I’d manage to get both elbows under; he’d move to the side, so I’d end with double-unders on one leg, but couldn’t do anything from there except eventually let go and back out. Escapes weren’t working well, either; he’d get pressure and I couldn’t get away from it. Kept thinking I ought to be doing better against him, and doing everything not to get frustrated and to stay smooth, though neither worked out as well as I wanted them to.

He finally suggested we take a break and then come back and roll again, but one of the other guys intercepted him and finished out the time with him.

Sparring/MMA in the morning, maybe some jiu-jitsu after.


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