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"Be gentle, kind and beautiful, yet firm and strong, both mentally and physically." ~Sensei Keiko Fukuda

Thursday, nogi class

on May 28, 2009

Elbow doesn’t hurt during the day. Doesn’t hurt before class — did pullups, pushups, and dips (and a few other things just playing around) to test it before class today. Perfectly fine. No problems during class; not even a twinge during the warmup or while rolling. 30 minutes after class, when I reached for my pizza, bam! Bah.

The academy was already warm today, so we got warm quickly during the warmup. Now I’m really feeling Tuesday, especially in my quads and hips. Legs are stiff. Two for three on alligators, but both on squat jumps. Then we partnered up for a warmup roll. I started with a guy who’s started coming back in this week after a few months off. Pulled guard; went for a bump sweep, but he pressured back in to me, only he stuck his neck out as he did. I remembered the guillotine from there and slid it in and finished. As we reset, he noticed that the scabs on his knees from the last two nights had rubbed off, and he was bleeding everywhere. So he took off to fix that and Justin came in with me. Trying to work getting back to guard, though generally ended flat in half-guard.

Drilling was D’Arce from half-guard. We also worked a no-arm D’Arce, for when the guy slides his top arm out and away as you shoot your arm under.

Few more rounds of rolling next. Started with the same guy from the first round, since we hadn’t finished our round earlier. He was trying the D’Arce, but I’ve had months of defending it from Adam, Nick, and Justin, plus we’d just worked it so I knew it was coming. Went for several triangles, even pushing his arm back and through, but I was leaving too much space when I did and he’d get back through.

Adam next. He let me work a bump sweep, though I had nothing from mount. He caught a kneebar at one point; defending one knee, but that left the other open. Doh. He also let me work taking the back when he was turtled; messed up the first time and he didn’t go anywhere; came back and worked it out and did it right, and then got him over. He immediately had his shoulders to the mat, though, so I came over to mount. Nothing from there again, though.

Same returning guy again. Trying again for the bump sweep, guillotine, or kimura; nearly had the guillotine several times because he’d stick his neck out again like he’d done the first time, except he’d remember the guillotine at the last second and find a way out. I finally stopped and showed him what he was doing that was leaving him open to that.

A few more pullups after class while Justin and Nick did clean-and-press with weight that weighs more than me. Then we went for Spin-the-Wheel pizza.


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