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Pop! Goes the Elbow

on May 26, 2009

But first, fun from work:

One of our managers has been out for two weeks on a business school trip. So he missed the premier of Star Trek. He came back this morning, and we all assumed he’d seen it, so we started talking about it since one of the other guys had finally gotten around to seeing it this weekend. This manager was trying to cover his ears and pretend he didn’t hear.

There were lots of meetings for him today to catch up on everything from the last two weeks, and I guess in one they started talking about the “team building exercise” they’ve been trying to plan for months. (Hiking and bowling were rejected on various grounds. Naptime was also rejected. Pooh.) Anyway, they came out of one meeting and announced the team building exercise: we’re all going to see Star Trek. Today. Right after lunch. Most of us had already seen it, but it was worth seeing again.

So, a company-paid trip out to see Star Trek. I think we’ve found our team building exercise…

A beautiful 3-day weekend. The weather held out, though it was overcast most of the time. Lots of family came in. The guys got their golf in while the ladies went shopping. Today: rain. Pleh.

The academy was hot. Turns out that we do have air conditioning (I guess I just never noticed last year), but it wasn’t on all weekend and no one was there, so the building is hot. Put your gi on and it feels like a sauna.

Small class, nine of us plus Tim. Rolling to warm up. Started with Tim. He caught me lots. Then on the wall for shoot-n-sprawl, down and back. Don’t know how many trips.

Sat out the next roll because Tim did, too, which gave an odd number. Then on the wall for alligators, I think, down and back.

Next roll with Clifton. You’d think that with so many days off I’d be full of energy, but no. Winded and tired before we even started. Defending lots. Tried to set up a few sweeps, but couldn’t get quite in position. He had pressure on my ribs lots, and those still hurt bunches. On the wall for squat jumps down, lunges back.

Next with Adam. I think. Or Adam then Clifton. Don’t remember. Defense is my friend. He tried a little of everything and made me work out of it. On the wall for 20 knees-to-chest, alligator down, 20 knees-to-chest, alligator back.

Last roll with a guy who I normally don’t mind rolling with. (It was him or a newer smashy guy, and Tim put me with this guy.) Right off he jerked my feet out from under me while pushing me backwards; Tim told me not to lose my balance. Defense. Did get a sweep — not sure what I did; no particular technique, just thought of controlling same-side arm and leg and bridging toward the trapped arm, and it surprisingly worked — and landed in side control. Even got to mount but couldn’t control it; got bridged over and back under side control. Tried for the single leg, but couldn’t reach his leg; tried for the switch, and was almost out, and then got wrapped up and dumped over. He grabbed both sleeves and jerked me in to an armbar; I grabbed my bicep and tried to stack, but he got my leg and swept me over. Tried the escape Justin showed after class the other night, but couldn’t turn my shoulders and so couldn’t turn in. Went for the hitchhiker escape, but again couldn’t turn my shoulders at all. And then he jerked and twisted my arm, which got the OMGwhatdidyoujustdo tap. Would’ve had to tap without that. Couldn’t move my elbow. That’s the one I dislocated, so there’s lots of scar tissue to tear. Lovely. Stubborn girl, though, so I wanted to continue, keeping that arm tight up to my chest. Tried to reach with it a few times and immediately snatched it back. Should’ve stuck it in my belt to keep from reaching at all. I don’t think he was thinking, because he grabbed that arm and started trying to work an americano on it. Thankfully, Tim called time before he worked it away from my body.

He apologized after, and I know he didn’t mean to hurt me. I probably should have tapped sooner, too. I hate being such a wimp and sissy. They need to work stuff, I need to work stuff, and neither of us can do it because I’m so annoyingly fragile. Ugh, I hate it. I feel some of the guys not using their weight even in side control; they lean back and give me space so I can “escape.” Even when I’m tired and sloppy, I still magically get out, and I know it’s not my technique. They’re going easy on me. And I don’t like it.

Icing now; ibuprofen in the wings.


2 responses to “Pop! Goes the Elbow

  1. Patrick says:

    Gah! Please, please, please take care of your elbow!! Me being still out with an injured knee, I know! Look in to getting a brace or cut your sparring sessions short when your elbow starts bugging you.

    Other than that, there are tons of suggestions on taking care of injuries out there so I won’t go into it anymore but just say that I’m a firm believer in taking care of our joints so that we can still practice jiu-jitsu in the long run. 😉

  2. leslie says:

    Oh, I agree: I’m a firm believer in not hurting my joints any more than they’ve already been abused. I’m keeping an eye out for it during class.

    It isn’t hurting before class (did pullups, pushups, and other stuff today to test it) and it isn’t hurting during class — it starts hurting about 30 minutes AFTER class. So annoying.

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