Position, Control, Submission

That sure sounds familiar. And it was the theme of tonight, too. Tim was saying it often.

A roll to warmup. Got in with Adam. He was letting me work a lot of stuff, though it still had to be right or it wasn’t happening. (And mostly, it wasn’t, so it didn’t.) Hips were moving in and out and taking me with them. He let me work to top and pass his half-guard, though I couldn’t control anything once I got past. Turned in once from under side control and grabbed for the single, but couldn’t finish. Another time under side control, let my far elbow come up too much while shrimping and he sunk a D’Arce lickety-split. That’ll learn me…. He let me have a bump sweep later, which landed me in mount. Tried to work toward isolating an arm, though of course he wasn’t just going to give it up, but then time was called.

Tim immediately started preaching. “Position, then control, then submission, guys.” Too many guys were loose and sloppy, especially on armbars, so we drilled armbar from mount. Partnered with Brandon, and Tim put a newer guy in with us, so it was a lot of me and Brandon working with this guy and waiting for Tim, Adam, and Justin to come and help more. Drilled for quite a while.

One more roll. With Will. He was playing an open guard, and I couldn’t get around or in for most of the round. I had him in butterfly at one point — no clue how we got there — and I tried the sweep from last night but got nowhere except passed. I think I wasn’t moving my hips into him first. Toward the end, he swept me over and had me under side control.

Justin and Will rolled for a little bit after class, but no one else wanted to so I just watched. Then Justin showed Will a half-guard escape — and I know I’ve done it before, but I don’t seem to have it listed anywhere — and I got used as a grappling dummy.

Goal this week is to get to bed earlier. Maybe that will do for recovery.


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