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on May 18, 2009

Everyone’s graduating, and some are leaving; others are heading home for the summer. I don’t want (most of) them to go. TKD Mike came by tonight to say goodbye; he graduated, and he was on his way home to Richmond.

Smaller class tonight. Light warmup. Did only 1 run on the squat jumps, and then that turned out to be the end of the warmup.

One roll to warmup, with Scott. (He’s leaving on Wednesday: a conference in Rome or Madrid — I forget — and then an internship for the summer.) We were both working tight and slow, me trying to pass his open guard and him trying to hold me off. He was successful. Under side control a few times and defending; felt as if I was doing it right.

Then drilling. Drilled with Clifton for a while until he had to leave, and then with Brandon for a few minutes.

Rolling to wrap it up. Nick first. Similar to Scott, I was trying to pass his open guard most of the time. He caught a gi choke that I saw coming and thought I had defended, but apparently not quite enough. Then a round with Stephen. Both those round seemed really short.

Erik started asking Justin questions afterward about defending armbars, so I hung around and listened. Picked up some pointers on getting my arm out after I have them stacked. He also showed what to do if you miss the hitchhiker escape: grab your hand and then straighten your legs and point them away from the other person. Then swing your legs back toward their head and use your momentum and their pull to get up and on them and stack them. Will have to try to remember that for when I can’t hit the hitchhiker.

We hit up the Mexican restaurant last night. The waiter who recognizes us didn’t have our table, so we only got regular cups instead of the largest beer mugs. And we drained them fast and kept our waiter running to refill them. The other guy is smart: he also leaves a pitcher of water and of sweet tea on the next table so he doesn’t have to go all the way back every time. This guy will learn…


2 responses to “Transitions

  1. […] the round. I had him in butterfly at one point — no clue how we got there — and I tried the sweep from last night but got nowhere except passed. I think I wasn’t moving my hips into him first. Toward the […]

  2. […] guard pass to side control to mount to side control. From side control, for some reason, remembered the reverse armbar from a few weeks ago; tried it, but I don’t think my head was in the right place and/or I […]

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