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Is it spring yet?

on May 14, 2009

It’s been so rainy and overcast since April. I want spring. *pout*

Talked to my mom for a while this morning, and so missed out on breakfast and on packing a lunch. Work was nuts anyway — lots of deadlines next week — so I worked through lunch anyway. During warmups tonight, my legs felt as if they were lined with lead — so heavy, so unresponsive. Got a little light-headed at one point, too. Remind me not to do that again.

Talked to Perry tonight before class, and he said he did tell the girl that there was one girl in the BJJ class and that, though she was little, she would take on any of the guys. The legend part of it, though, seems to have come from her own imagination. It’s a wonder she came in at all, knowing “I would be waiting.” *snicker*

Actually a large class tonight. Tech’s graduation is tomorrow and Saturday, so we thought a lot of the guys would have left town by now. Several “MMA” guys showed up with their gloves, as they have for weeks, and threw in some shadow boxing during the warmup. That’s not gonna bring it back, guys… Even had a new guy. (The girl and the guy with her had said last night they wouldn’t be able to come back until next week.)

Pushing just to keep up in the warmup. Body felt so heavy; hips especially were slow. I know, I need more recovery time than I’m getting, but I can’t see giving up a jiu-jitsu class right now.

After a few solo drills, we partnered up for some more. I got in with Justin. First one, shoot in and lift them up. Five shots with lifts, and then on the fifth keep them up, run to the end of the mat and back to the beginning. Second time, four shots but the rest the same. He picks me up like I weigh nothing. Again, body rather unresponsive when it was my turn; not dropping my level enough or lifting enough with my legs; some of my lifts I barely got him off the ground. And my “run” was more like a drunken stagger.

Same partner for more drills. From standing, come in and duck under their arm; set your shoulder and head against their chest, under their armpit, and push them sideways. (While watching Tim demonstrate this, that’s when I got a little light-headed and had to lean against the wall for a minute.) Bleh, awkward the whole time; body didn’t want want to use the muscles I wanted it to use.

Second drill, sprawl drill; partner shoots in (slowly), and as soon as they make contact, you sprawl. Hips were not paying attention. Landed on my knees several times or forgot to take one leg back with me. And because my body wasn’t cooperating on these, I was much more floppy than I should have been and was banging in to Justin all the time. Bleh again.

Next drill, getting out of back mount. Partner started with their hooks in and arms over/under. Partner could choke you; you just had to get out. With Justin again to start. Didn’t escape at all; did get choked two or three times. He escaped from me multiple times; no chokes for me. Same drill, different partner. Tim switched us up and gave me “always his first day” guy. He just locked on my back, never moving from the starting position, and tried to squeeze the whole time. I did escape a number of times, though. Then I had him; he turned in to my guard a few times, and I got an equal number of chokes in.

Last drill, breaking the guard. Back with Justin. Partner’s job was to hold you in guard; they could also submit you. You just had to get out by any means necessary. He passed lots. He stood a couple of times and I was able to go up and stay up for a little while each time. I couldn’t pass at all. Tried the double-under on one leg pass with knee up at one point, but realized later that I hadn’t sunk my arms in deep enough, so it was my arm strength against his leg strength (instead of being able to get my whole body behind it), and my arms lost. Hips not following my knee, when sending a knee through, and so he’d block my hips and get me back to his guard. He caught a guillotine at one point; I tried the guillotine defense from a few weeks ago, but couldn’t get my arm far enough over his back to prevent him from arching and he finished it. Might not have also gotten my shoulder into his chin. At least I did recognize where I was and remember the escape; my brain was mostly working, even though my body wasn’t.

One roll to finish out the night. Tim put me with a guy who’s usually fairly controlled, but he’s been out for a few weeks and was a bit rusty. Quite a few knees to the side of the head, a thumb in the eye (got one in the other eye while drilling with the “always his first day” guy), and several knees to my ribs, right on the part that’s bruised/sore/whatever. Hurt. Somehow ended up on top early — had a sweep, I think, that worked mostly well, though some muscling on my part — and, as with most of the guys, that was a mistake. Slammed over (head bouncing off the mat), and the rest of the round I was on the bottom defending from getting kneed. Lovely. There’s another reason I won’t have any offense until purple belt: any attempts at it now awaken Captain Caveman.

The new guy started out rolling with Adam, but after being submitted several times quickly (new guy was going 110%, even though he has no clue what he’s doing, so Adam was just slowing him down), the guy developed a cramp in his calf and had to sit out for the rest of the round. Walked over and sat down and didn’t even attempt to stretch out his “cramp.” As soon as the round was over, he was suddenly fine.

Open Mat tomorrow, but anyone I’d want to roll or work with will be packing to leave or getting reading to graduate. I know Nick is graduating on Saturday. I think a few other guys are, though I don’t know who. Saturday morning will also basically be open mat because of graduation. So I may get some rest in over the next few days, which would be good.


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