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Ow, now I’m feeling it

on May 11, 2009

All weekend, I was fine from Saturday’s circuit. Last night, a few twinges in my biceps and lats. Today, fine. Tonight during the warmup (first warmup in a few weeks, too) — ow! I was hurtin’! Had to miss a few trips down the mat. Felt it everywhere.

An actual warmup tonight, I think because we had a guy watching the class. Not too crazy, though. Missed one trip on the alligators. Only made it down the mat once on the one-legged bear crawls — why do those hurt so much? I think it was more than just Saturday causing that. Probably should do them more often then…

Circled up and partnered up. I worked with Clifton. Partner jump-over drill. It’s not that he’s extra tall, it’s that I’m extra short, so Tim made me jump over his feet since I was sprawling on his back trying to jump over. Then we sat back-to-back with our partners and started a roll. Mouthpiece was still on the side, and I kinda needed it…. Under side control and mount most of the time; a time under back mount, too. Caught in an armbar and a triangle and couldn’t get any leverage to escape; did escape another armbar later by stacking and passing.

Then some drilling, same partner. First, armbar from mount when your partner tries to push and bridge you over. Follow the movement, get a push from either the floor or their chest, and then swing straight over to the armbar. Then, standing guard break, which I’d tried to work on Saturday, so very happy to see it today.

One more roll. 30 minutes! Was partnered with a white belt. Straight off he tried to reach back to break my guard, and I grabbed that triangle. And then told him not to do that again. He started to grab for it again later, but remembered and brought his arm back up. At one point he’d grabbed one of my lapels and was trying to choke me with just that. I grabbed both of his in return — and I heard Justin’s voice in my head telling me not to do it but I knew it would make him let up pressure — and pulled my elbows in. He could have pulled away, though I don’t think he knew it, so he tapped, and then I showed him what I’d done. He kept trying it on me the rest of the round! Mostly under side control and guard, though I did scramble up to mount and side control myself a few times. He pushed straight up once when I was in mount; I took that armbar and then showed him what not to do. (We had a lot of time to stop and work stuff during this round — it seemed like it would never end!) Another time when I had mount he was trying what they’d learned last Monday (I wasn’t there, so I don’t know); I let him try to work it out, but in the end he couldn’t remember. He thought perhaps there was an underhook, but I pointed out the triangle that that gave up. Later he tried that underhook when we were rolling again and he did sweep me over… and he landed in my triangle. Took a moment to get it set in, but did finish it. He was trying for some leg locks and ankle locks, which I’m not sure he really knows, and for that reason I was much more aggressive at getting out; I like my legs intact, thank you. We stopped and talked at one point about keeping your elbows in (possibly after working the choke), and another time he asked me to show him a guillotine (which he also kept trying to do on me the rest of the round!).

He had to leave early, though, and Nick’s partner had also left early, so I went over and tackled him for a few minutes. Not long at all, though, until Tim called time, and we were just playing around anyway.

Must have been grabbing a lot of gi with both the white belt and Clifton; my nail polish is almost completely rubbed off! My right thumb, which I smashed back in January, is still about 1/2 black. The nail is trying to flake off, which is not allowed on my watch, so I keep it painted over. It’s taken 5 months for it to grow out this far; is it going to take the rest of the year to be completely better?


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