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Got my hairs did

on May 7, 2009

Hair appointment tonight. The one before me ran over a bit, though I was already planning to ask if she could not style it after so I could go straight to class. Missed most of the first roll, but made it for the rest.

Got dressed and came out, and the only other person who didn’t have a partner was one of the guys I don’t like to roll with; not one of the new and/or spazzy ones, but one who just holds me down for a whole round. Adam looked up from his match and told us to roll together. Thankfully, there was only about 30 seconds left in the round, so not too much of that.

Justin next. Stuck in Lockdown a lot again, though he took pity on me and let me out (which means I got swept over instead of staying stuck). Did catch for the pendulum sweep that he taught last night, but he laughed at me and blocked the counter that he’d briefly shown at the end. Lots of movement, and though he caught some submissions, he also let me work out of them.

Drilling was kimura from guard. Drilled with Will. Then rolled with him. Under side control a lot again, though had a few attempts to get away that were closer than most. A few mostly bad attempts at the hitchhiker escape — figured out after class that I wasn’t letting go of my arm own to spin, and so was blocking my own turn. Doh. Kept turning up in the triangle, though Saulo’s triangle escape got lots of playing time.

Last roll with Marine Mark. He starts off all-out hard until he catches something, and then settles back and rolls. He got an armbar early, and then we got down to business. He let me work to side control and then to mount and then an armbar of my own. Not trying to, but ended up back near that same position and went for the armbar again, though tried to turn it into a kimura or something else and couldn’t; he got to his knees and pulled for one of my legs, so I tried for the Peruvian necktie. Fell too much back and not enough on my hip, and time was called before I could transition to something else.

Spin-the-wheel pizza after. Got an extra slice, which was plenty. Mark got the zeppoli, which is fabulous-wonderful-omgwhy’dyouhavetogetthat stuff, and of course we had to help him with it.


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