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Jiu-jitsu in the morning

on May 2, 2009

Six of us in class this morning, with Adam, Nick, and Tim sparring in the ring.

Rolling to warm up. Will first. Under side control and mount a lot, though remembering to keep my elbows in; several back door escapes from under mount. Hitchhiker escapes, too, from armbars; actually didn’t quite work properly — was having trouble getting back up and in on the outside of his leg — though I was escaping and turning up; he has a triangle there if I end up on the inside, so working on keeping that second arm nearby so I could slide both shoulders through. Defending my back at one point, too.

Scott next. That aggressive butterfly again. Hooks everywhere (which he said later, to someone else, is what he’s working on right now). My goal was to pass it. Took a long time and lots of nearly theres, but did get around for a little while. Lots of half guard, back to full guard a few times, even some in my guard and him on my back. Noticed I was holding my breath a few times, so working on breathing. Had a hard time, once I did get to side control, of holding him there; he was immediately moving and usually right back in to half, at least. Did have a few single-legs from turtle, when I remembered to turn in and look for it. Did get a reach-under escape from knee-on-belly — and I ate several side kicks from the long-legged TKD tester last night, so knee-on-belly hurt today! On several points, Scott would grunt a “Good” when I got something to work.

Afterward, he asked me if I noticed that he was turning up his defense. I said that yes, I had. (Mostly that he was making more use of the fact that his arms and legs are longer than mine and was keeping me at a distance a lot and that he was moving a lot quicker to escape and counter.) He said that I was threatening him in many places so that he had to turn it up. That’s a good thing. 🙂 I’ll take being threatening. Little and cute — and threatening. Grr!

I think I’m still rolling gi as if it were nogi — not using the fabric nearly enough.

Drilling was an omoplata off their turtle. Drilled with Will and Scott. We didn’t do it too many times.

One more roll, with Buddy. Very similar to the roll with Scott. He was trying a sweep from butterfly that stretches out their legs and shoots them over your head (and he did practice it on Eric later and had no trouble), but I think I was being too flexible; I was able to sit down in to it, on his chest, and then work for a triangle, though I never got it, and he’d sweep me over and get double-unders. He caught my belt and flipped me a few times from there. Under everything except when he took my back. A few backdoor escapes from under mount, though, also as with Will, completely lost contact with him each time. More work on the hitchhiker escape, though having the same problems as with Will. Got caught in one of those triangles afterward and escaped from another with the proper Saulo Ribeiro escape (finally!). That did get me briefly to side control, and I did actually have another moment of side control at some point. Wanted to try the baseball choke, but he had everything defended and was escaping quickly. We got in some crazy scramble near the end, and I ended up with a limb — didn’t know which one and didn’t know whose, but I had it and I was keeping it. (Turned out to be his lower leg.) Time was called right after that, though.

Plopping on the mat followed. You’d’ve thought we just had a hard class or something instead of a few flow rolls and a little drilling. Italian buffet followed soon after that.


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