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Gi class, this morning

on April 25, 2009

Only a few of us here. The weather’s nice, and there’s a weekend-long party at one of the colleges.

Warmed up on our own, which I always have a hard time doing. Got decently loose, then we rolled once. Flow roll, Justin said, and I got to roll with him. I think I was doing alright. Stalled a time or two when he let me get to side control and couldn’t think of what to do next. Afterward, he said I need to stop going for the cross lapel choke, because even if I get it deep everyone’s too strong for me to finish it. I’m not sure where I went for that in that roll, but I do go for it often from the bottom (usually just to distract someone enough so maybe I can move, not that it usually works), so I’ll take it.

Then we drilled, for me, instead of the cross lapel choke, the baseball choke. Less strength required. (Though it does require you to be on top, and I’m rarely there.)

Drilled with a white belt, then rolled with him after. Long roll, and he was being very loose in all his positions, which isn’t like him. Still under side control and mount a lot. In his guard a few times, so working to break it, though still no passing the few times I did break; swept otherwise. Did use the hitchhiker escape that Adam showed yesterday a few times.

Next round with the smelly guy. Still reeks. Breath, gi, him — everything. Doing everything possible to avoid getting under anything. Did wind up under half guard; he went for an armbar and I turned in to guard and postured up high. Tried a standing guard break, he tried the counter we worked this week, and my ankle rolled under me funny and then got our combined weight on top of it. Ouch. I was done.

We were sitting around talking for a few minutes, and Will was complaining to Justin that he never feels as if he’s getting any better against Justin. To which Justin said he’s rolling just hard enough to push Will, and that as any of us get better, he rolls a little harder with us. So using how Justin rolls with me as one metric of my progress is apparently a legitimate way to measure; he really is doing more when he thinks I can handle it.

We all peeled out fairly quickly, though, since our teammate Micah’s daughter’s 1st birthday party is this afternoon and most of us are going. The doctors said she’d never survive the pregnancy since she was growing with her internal organs on the outside. The doctors tried to get her parents to terminate the pregnancy, but they wouldn’t. Then the doctors said that she wouldn’t survive the birth. Then that she wouldn’t survive the surgeries. Then that she’d have too many complications afterward and wouldn’t survive those. Then that she’d never grow like a normal baby. And that she definitely wouldn’t make it to her first birthday. Well, the little miracle baby turns 1 year old today.


5 responses to “Gi class, this morning

  1. tomaz says:

    Leslie what happen to the links on the right of the screen, the font is so tiny…

  2. leslie says:

    @Tomaz: I’m not sure what happened. I saw the same behavior, too, but it seems to be fixed now. May have been a WordPress hiccup; I didn’t change anything.

  3. zach says:

    Ok, please dont stop posting i LOVE reading you, your funny, sensible and witty! I’m 3 stripe white belt, BJJ nerd like you…I read you daily!!!!
    You have responsibilities now!!!

  4. Zach Tomaz says:

    Zach is same as Tomaz ok? Dont know what happen

  5. leslie says:

    @Zach: Not a problem. And the only way I’d ever stop posting is if I stopped training — and that’s not happening any time soon. So we’re good to go on that front. 🙂

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