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Nogi class, tonight

on April 23, 2009

(No titles… Brain not working. Oh wells… You’re not here for the clever titles anyhow.)

A beautiful day today. My boss handed me a software training book and suggested I go outside and read for the last part of the day. Gladly! 🙂

The book had a chapter on self-assessments, and it sounded like they’ve been reading my blog! Too funny. I made some notes from that chapter, and I’ll get them posted soon. It was about exactly the sort of assessment I’ve been wanting to do with my jiu-jisu.

Still insanely early to class. Everyone else showed in the last few minutes. Small bunch, though, and quite a few of the “MMA” guys. Several of them were shadow boxing during the warmup. It’s still jiu-jitsu, guys.

Jogging, knees up, heels up, side-to-side, bear crawls… Reverse bear crawls. Owww! Hammies still hurting from gi drags. These were so not pleasant. Then we lined up around the mat on our feet and hands. Jump over two, crawl under one to the end of the line, twice through. Then partnered up for wheelbarrows around the mat, pausing at each corner for pushups (3, 5, and 7; none at the end), and then piggy-back and doing squats at the corners. Got Stephen, who’s a little bigger than I probably should have gone with, but was okay until my turn to carry him for the squats. He weighs more than I squat! So I did little curtsey squats and made fun of myself the whole time. (Tried to do at least parallel on the first 3 but fell down. So stuck with curtsies.)

Then a roll with that partner. Semi-decent, I think, though I’m not recalling much at the moment. I might have had a sweep, and I know I did pull guard once. Tried bump sweep or kimura or guillotine, but didn’t have any of them.

Drilling was the anaconda choke instead of the D’Arce off the set-up we learned a few weeks ago. Then we drilled a continuation if they happen to walk their legs to match you and then get to their knees.

Drilled with Marine Mark, and then rolled with him after. Caught in an armbar early, then spent the rest of the round trying to pass his guard with no success. Did get to mount, though, somehow… wait, I think I did pass his guard once, which is how I got there. First tried the armbar with step-over that I tried last night. Did Buddy’s reach-behind-your-back tip, but had something wrong because his elbow could immediately bend away. Switched back and took mount when I couldn’t save that one.

Then rolled with Eric for two rounds. (We both looked around at the end of the first, saw who was available to roll — the “MMA” guys — and both decided we didn’t want to roll with them, so we rolled together again.) He’s getting a lot better. Calmer, not so spazzy, not muscling. His stated goal in the first round was to not knee me in the face. Goal achieved. (Did get me with a glancing blow in the second round, and he immediately apologized.)

The two rounds are blurring together. Under side control and mount a lot and once defending back mount. Used the back door escape twice from under mount. Pulled guard at one point and tried the bump sweep or kimura or guillotine but didn’t get up enough to make any of them even remotely threatening. Had a few other positions that I purposely thought of and moved to, but don’t remember now what they were. He’d get to side control and then try to step over for mount, which looks easy to do on me because my legs are short, but all that space gave me time to pull both knees in and go for a butterfly-esque defense. So afterward I showed him the move where you hit reverse scarf, grab your own foot, and feed it across to get to mount. He’s really flexible, so that should work well for him.

I’ll take off a little early tomorrow and hit Open Mat, and then class Saturday morning. Sunday afternoon I leave for a 3-day business trip to New Jersey, getting back late on Tuesday. So no jits for me until Wednesday. (I did look up schools in the area where I’ll be, and there are several Renzo schools nearby. [And Renzo’s is only ~30 minutes away, according to MaqQuest.]) … I’m so very tempted, but I think I’ll refrain for right now. If we start going up there on a regular basis, though, I’ll definitely have to start taking my gi and shorts along.


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