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(Which is nearly as good as “Error messages go here,” which was recently discovered in some old code the developers in my office are working on. Helpful, that.)

It was snowing this morning! Nutty weather. Any season any day. Started out warming up in my sweatshirt, though the academy was decently warm already so I didn’t last long that way.

And I was sore! (Am sore now!) Hamstrings, quads, and traps. I thought it was just me, having had to take a week off and just getting my first real warmup in last night. But I mentioned it to one of the other guys, and he said he was, too, and then everyone else chimed in, and then someone reminded us that we’d done gi drags last night. Oh yeah, those. Gracious! I haven’t been sore in a long time. Stiff, yes, but not sore.

Warmup was light tonight; not as many drills down the mat. Then straight in to rolling. Started with Tim. Flipped around every which way. Not sure what was “up” most of the time. I did manage to pull guard at one point, but it didn’t last long. Fell in to several triangles.

Then Buddy #1. I decided to just roll with him, and to work to guard if it was there and to do standing passes if I could. Don’t remember a lot of it, but I felt as if I was moving okay. He was trying the half-guard to kneebar sweep, and I knew what it was because he’s been working on it with Nick after class most nights. So I worked the defensive side that Adam had showed me on Saturday.

Then Clifton. Caught in a kimura or two, I think, and again had the little whine of “But I don’t wanna tap!” Which, at the moment, is my cue to tap, even if I might could get out of it with some work. Caught in back mount for most of the round, too. I believe I pulled guard at one point, and I did try to stand up and pass his guard, but he used the leg pinch from last night and took me down. I thought I did have a wide base, though perhaps what’s wide relative to my size isn’t so wide to them.

Drilling. Same move from last night, just the nogi variation since you don’t have as secure of grips. Worked with Buddy #1. And then one of the guys had a question about how could I possibly do this move on guys so much taller than me (he was having trouble with guys his size, and he wanted to know if I would really be able to do this on anyone taller than me). So I had to demonstrate while Tim pointed stuff out.

Rolling again. Tim put me with a guy who hasn’t been to class in several months (maybe even back to September? It’s been a long time). I was actually nervous because he was coming back and had probably gotten worked over earlier and he was a spaz before, but he surprised me and was actually fairly controlled for most of the round. Toward the end he was getting frustrated because he had back mount but couldn’t get the RNC in and so started shoving his arm in harder and faster, which resulted in several punches to my jaw. Then he got it in, but over my chin, though he didn’t realize it; when he couldn’t get the choke, he started cranking on my neck to get it. Did get to guard at some point, and might have recomposed it after getting passed, though I don’t remember.

Next round I had to sit because we had an odd number. Watched the guy I’d just rolled with some, and he was going all-out with the next guy. Glad that he’d stayed faily calm for a round with me. Then Big Tom pulled out to go to the kickboxing class that was just starting, so I jumped in with his partner.

I think Tom wore him out, even though Tom rolls very lightly with anyone smaller than him (which is mostly everyone); he feels 100 lbs lighter than he is when he rolls with me. Partner let me around his guard to side control and had his near arm up and loose, so I went for an armbar we learned last summer (reach around the arm and grip the tricep, pressure them toward the other shoulder, wedge your hip under their shoulder, step your top leg over their head, and then sit back). Didn’t have his wrist/hand trapped enough, so he was able to turn his arm and get out, but he said afterward that it was close and he hadn’t thought at first that it wasn’t any big deal until I nearly had it and then he scrambled away. Moved on to mount and tried for the normal armbar several times, but he’d move with me. Did pull guard again, though he overcommitted trying to isolate my arm and I got to his back. Couldn’t finish the RNC, though I did remember Justin’s advice from several months ago; he was starting to escape by getting his shoulder blades down, so I went for the kimura but had his weight on my leg, so slid back over to mount. Lookit, it’s almost like I knew how to chain moves together. That was actually a short roll, since Tom had rolled most of the round, but I seemed to have done a fair bit.

He asked me afterward what that armbar had been, so I asked Buddy to come over and show him and work with us on it. Buddy pointed out how to trap that wrist better: instead of just holding on to their tricep, reach around their arm and behind your own back and then pinch. Less space for them to turn out.

Nick told Tim that he was just starting to work standing guard passes this week, and then Tim had to go and ruin it by introducing the counter. I said I was doing the same thing. Nick said we should probably wait a week or so and then start again, by which point the majority of guys will have forgotten what to do.

Before class, while we were sitting around “stretching” and trading stories of how sore we were from gi drags, one of the guys complimented me on my turtle. He said it’s hard for him to get his arms in, that I’ve got it sealed off pretty good. I said that he could do like some of the guys do and grab a pant leg and a sleeve and flip me over. (I get some serious air on some of those.) I was partially joking and partially just resigned to that happening. He said he didn’t think that was fair; he’d rather leave something for me to attack and then try to carry on. But he also said that he’s seen some of the guys picking me up and slinging me around the mat. Which, oddly, is good to hear because sometimes I wonder if my brain is making it all up. But it seems that someone else has seen me being flung around, so it’s not just in my head.

Still working on what an analysis of my jiu-jitsu would look like. What question am I trying to answer? (Am I making any progress??) What would an answer to the question look like? How would I measure where I am in answering the question? What tasks do I need to do to accomplish answering the question? … Harder to do when you’re both the subject of the analysis and the analyzer, too.


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