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Am I an Analyst or am I an Analyst?

on April 21, 2009

So, my job: I’m a Business Analyst. This means I figure out the problem, figure out the solution, (let the developers build it), and then test that the solution solved the problem. I like it; I get to be hypercritical, anal retentive, and a perfectionist all at the same time.

And I was thinking today that I analyze everything else, so why aren’t I really sitting down and mapping out and analyzing my jiu-jitsu? Not just having pity parties and yakking about it, but actually figuring out where I am and where I want to go and how I should go about getting there. I dunno. Lazy? So, today I started on that before class. (Got there super early again and had a notebook with me.) It’ll still take me a few days to gather all the requirements to get an idea of what a finished product should look like. This won’t be “the” finished product, but rather a small one.

Part of what brought this on was dinner last night after class. Me and Justin and Scott, and the guys started talking about working on stuff in class and how many months they spent working something until it was decent and about getting tapped out by everybody in the process. I can read it somewhere, but it really hits me when my guys talk about it, too. (There was a blog post that quoted a forum response about this, but I seem to have lost it — the downside of so many blogs in my feedreader!)

First thing I did think on is that my defense, for the most part, is a fairly solid white belt defense. Except for when the guys add punches, palm heels, and face kicks, I think I do a decent job defending and getting out of stuff. I even can, most of the time, get out of armbars and RNCs and triangles (no, wait, not triangles; that defense still stinks) even when the guys are doing their best to muscle it. And thinking on that made me realize that most of the time anymore I roll with the other white belts to not get submitted. A lot of the time I’m defending anyway, but I have gotten to where I really hate tapping out to them. Didn’t get deep enough to find out why I’ve started doing that, but did find it. So… one thing this plan needs is a way to measure success, and the number of times I tap is not going to be on there. That doesn’t count as a failure.

(One requirement that will go in here, though, is that I still do not want to tap to dumb, no-technique muscling sharking as much as possible (but without getting hurt). That doesn’t help me, and it doesn’t help the other guy. So, gotta find a way to incorporate that line of thinking…)

Anyway, first things I picked to work on were recomposing guard and standing guard passes. How to know if I succeeded: I recompose guard after losing it, and I pass his guard after standing. How to know if I did not succeed: I don’t recompose guard, and I don’t pass. Simple enough…

More to come on this as I work it out, and suggestions are quite welcome.

First time I’ve had a warmup in over a week! Gassed bad. Only one run on just about everything. Legs tired. And sucking wind aggravated my throat, which is still a bit scratchy after being sick, and I coughed the rest of the night. Pleh.

Then a few rolls. Started with Will. And he would not pull guard for anything, and he wouldn’t let me do it, either. Did he read my notes? Tried starting in his butterfly and either getting to his guard or getting him to switch to it, and he wouldn’t do it. Under mount, knee-on-belly, side control, and back mount a lot. Trying to get back for guard, but no such luck. Got caught in several armbars and a choke or two and tapped. (Tapped very grudgingly, which I think only proves that I really have been rolling to avoid being submitted. So this is detox.) Did have a bonus backdoor escape from under mount, and went to pull guard after, but didn’t get it.

Then Tim put the new guy with me. I think I’m glad I wasn’t wearing my pink gi, else he might’ve gone even harder. Tried to pull guard at first, and he grabbed my legs and tumbled me over. Lovely. This is going to end well, isn’t it? Actually did pull and recompose guard several times, though he was getting very frustrated because he couldn’t break/pass and was doing a bit of slamming toward the end. Remembered the counter to the double-unders and so grabbed under one of his arms, though couldn’t get the sweep from there; kept him from flipping me the rest of the round, though that’s what he was using to pick me up and slam me. He was trying to bend my wrist a lot, which I don’t like. Somehow — I think he tried to sweep me while inside my guard? — I ended up on top with an arm dangling in front of me. Locked it on, and had it right, but he curled his arm and then bench-pressed me off. Then with both of us sitting up, he grabbed my ankles and tried to twist them off. (Not kidding. And not fun. Why do I get the weird new guys who want to hurt my wrists and ankles? Grr.) Hugged my knee and ankle in to take the pressure off. I think the round ended there.

(Note to self: don’t take that armbar anymore. Make it a kimura instead. You’ve locked up the kimura grip anyway, and they’re not as strong in that direction as they are in bicep curls. And you probably need to work on kimuras anyway.)

Drilling was a counter to a standing guard pass. (Hey! Don’t ruin what I’m working! Bah.)

Drilled with Will. Then more rolling. Before the round, 20 pushups, 20 squats, and 20 situps. Rolled with Will again. Did get to his guard a few times, though couldn’t posture up, which meant the standing guard pass didn’t get worked. (Of course, now he has a counter for it. Bah!) Wait, I think I did work it once — wide base — though he still swept me with the drill move. Under everything again. Tapped to an armbar and a choke, I think; little mixed up with the previous roll. And I think I actually got to guard once, though he passed quickly. Then 20 pushups, 20 squats, and 20 situps.

Justin next. So focused on getting to guard for either of us that I passed up on working lots of other stuff that he was leaving out for me. Did get to his guard, and did work the standing pass, though I’m doing something wrong/slow/inefficiently, because I never had the pass. Got standing, got pressure, didn’t get pass. Hmm. He did look at me funny when I stood up the first, as if saying, “We just learned the counter to this, genius, so why are you handing this to me?” but I remembered to have a wide base and so he wouldn’t wrestle me for it. Don’t remember the exact position — probably him in my butterfly (since he cornered me in to that several times), but arms and legs and gis twisted over in several places — and I managed to do a full split and sweep one leg in front of his face and to the other side. Not quite guard, but close. Don’t recall actually getting back to guard, though. Then 20 pushups, 20 squats, and 20 situps.

Then on the wall for gi drags. Best part of having rolled with Justin last was that he was right there, so worked in with him. Fingers on my left hand were going numb after several trips up and down the mat, and I couldn’t grip well with them. Legs and arms and hands so wobbly afterward. Ugh, those are terrible.

  • Recompose guard:
    • several yes, several no
    • need to work on recomposing faster when they start to pass (i.e., not letting them get completely past); they’re getting through before I move
  • Standing guard pass:
    • standing, yes; passing, no
    • need to drill that with someone; I think I’m missing a piece (probably explosion up)

Have somehow tweaked my back. Seems to ripple from upper to lower and up again, depending on what I’m doing. And not helping is that I have to sit in an office chair for hours every day. We just got an inversion table at the academy, which a lot of the guys swear by for back issues, so I’ll probably start using that more. And I’ll see about getting a podium or box or something at work to raise my monitor et al. I had a standing desk before, and it really does help keep your spine happy.

Bah, forgot: Big Jesse got his blue belt last week, wohoo! (While I’m not there, of course. Meh.) Tim said tonight that it’s the best thing that ever happened to Jesse; he’s suddenly rolling ten times better.


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  2. tomaz says:

    Work on your defence. If you defense is solid and your partners attacks fail, then you can launch your attacks. If you’re a white belt…Work your defense.

  3. leslie says:

    Oh, I know, I know. I just get tired of only defending, and tired of watching other white belts work more than defense. It seems as if I *ought* to be able to do more, but I can’t/don’t do it…

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