Pink Ranger

Been sick all week. Was yucky. Had my first real meals yesterday. No jiu-jitsu, which was even yuckier. Back to it today.

Have seriously missed me some jiu-jitsu — and the guys. I got a new gi — Atama women’s, white with hot pink details (review & stuff at the end of the post) — and was wearing it today. They were all commenting that it looked good. Nick starting called me The Pink Ranger. Justin said it was nice and that he was going to choke me with it; two kimuras instead.

Rolling to warm up. Adam first. He said he wanted to break in my gi for me. Welcome to it. I seemed to be moving okay. New gi mojo. 😉 Then he caught a kneebar, which I really don’t know how to defend so I tapped immediately. He asked if I was okay because I’d tapped so quickly; I said yes, but I don’t know how to defend that; so he spent the rest of the round showing me what to watch for and what to do to defend.

Then rolled with Scott. Again, some decent jiu-jitsu coming from me. Almost competent. Passes, hip movement. No sweeps, though I was trying for them. A few times when he was in side control, I’d turn in and under and catch his leg to try the sweep backwards from there, but he’d put his weight far enough across my back that I couldn’t turn. (He said later that 190 lbs would, yeah, be hard for me to move in that position.) Recently I’ve just stalled out there and can’t think of what else to do, but today I was popping out the side door (it’s not really the back door), coming out and up by his hip, and getting to his back.

Then we reviewed and drilled the switch from that very position and then the clock choke.

I worked with a guy who, instead of being down in turtle to let me work the clock choke, was up on his hands, but who refused to believe that he was out of position. So I was dangling up in the air trying to do the clock choke; he had too much room to brace against it, and I couldn’t pull it off. He suggested using my inside leg to sweep his near arm to break him down and then finish the choke. That requires a hip drop to hook it, a hip switch (toward the back) after bringing it back to release the arm, and then another hip switch to the front to get in position for the choke. Can be done, and can be fast. Adam saw me do it and said it was good, but he had one step better: instead of releasing the arm, donkey kick toward the ceiling and then tuck and roll over their shoulder so you take them down and have their back. While still working at the choke, throw your hips in (like when you finish a regular armbar) to finish the armbar. Partner said the armbar was worse than the choke (probably because the choke was relying on my upper body strength at that point instead of my weight).

Then rolled with another white belt. Still moving decently, though he uses his weight a lot more and pins me down a lot. At one point, he was trying for the double-under pass and instead flung me back funny on my neck. He stopped immediately, though, and made sure I was okay. Was fine, so we went back to rolling. Got to mount a few times, but couldn’t finish anything. Back mount a few times, too, but also nothing; did try to get the clock choke, but couldn’t get my hand in deep enough. Had a look at a few triangles — and did even think of switching to armbars — but couldn’t get around to hit the angle.

Justin last. He joked about choking me with my new lapels, but kimura’d me twice instead. Again, moving decently well, I think. Defended well with Adam’s newest tips for D’Arces. He caught me in some choke (might have been a D’Arce from a different angle) — and kept trying to turn and pull me in to his half guard, which I knew would finish it — and I was turning the right way and keeping flat enough to prevent it until he finally had to move on to something else. Wohoo for small steps.

New Gi — Atama Women’s

I ordered an Atama Women’s gi, size F2, and it came yesterday. Two cool notes about ordering: first, you don’t have to go through the whole create-a-profile-with-password rigmarole that most e-commerce sites take you through, and second, you get to choose the size pants you want when you go to complete your order. So if you’re different sizes on top and bottom, here’s an easy way to address that.

For reference, I’m 5’2″ and ~125 lbs.

Sizing note: Okay, so I’ve ordered a grand total of 2 gis, but my observation so far is that the height chart is more accurate for me than the weight chart. Has anyone else noticed that? (And I’m writing it down either way so I’ll remember for next time I order a gi!)

I did remember to measure before I washed it, but I forgot half of what I meant to measure…. I should write that all down somewhere… Anyway, for what it’s worth:

Washed it once on cold, hang dry, last night. Then this morning, I tossed it and my Koral in the dryer on fluff with two tennis balls because they were both a little stiff. Now they’re both so soft!

The Atama is actually a little bit bigger all around than my A0 Koral. Laid them out on top of each other to make sure. The sleeves on the Atama are a little longer and wider; I could probably go down to an F1 in the top. (There’s always the dryer, too.) The pant legs are also wider than the A0 Korals, but the length is the same, so I’m probably an F2 in pants. (See, different sizes.) The guys also noticed the longer and wider sleeves and agreed that I could probably go smaller on top, but they said the pants were perfect.

It rolled well, too. Feels like a lighter fabric than the Koral, which was great today because it was warm in the academy. I don’t know what exactly it is, but I really like this gi!


It’s so weird: I’ve never been a pink girl. Hated it with a passion when I was a kid; mellowed a little later to where I didn’t hate it, but I still wouldn’t wear it. Owned 1 article of clothing with pink anywhere on it before starting BJJ. Now I have a pink mouthpiece, pink fingernail polish, pink-accented shorts, and a pink-accented gi! Eep, what’s happening to me??! =P


6 thoughts on “Pink Ranger

  1. @Georgette: Thanks for the offer. I think I’m more of a primary colors girl myself though.

    @Alex: Yeah, I kind of figured that. (Heck, *I* wouldn’t want to tap to a girl in a pink gi!)

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