A title, a title, my kingdom for a title…

Classes seem to get smaller every night… Warmup was okay; academy was warmer, too, which helped, I think. There’s a new kid this week who thinks he’s tough, but he’s not good at the warmup yet, so he’s lagging behind. Tim’s on him to get moving since he’s the youngest one in class; I’m one of the oldest, but I’m determined to get ahead and stay ahead of him.

Warmup rolls. Adam and then Justin. Darn it — perfectly good opportunities to really work, and I couldn’t do anything worth anything. Adam caught a D’Arce, even though I hadn’t extended my arms, which was what he fixed last time I rolled with him; this time, he showed me to pull the trapped arm’s hand in to my neck and pinch the elbow in, in addition to not extending my arms. Then he let me practice it (and I got to try it during a few of the other rolls). Did have one sweep, though he wasn’t actively defending it; I had my shoulders off the mat, so it was more muscle than anything. With Justin, stuck. Under reverse scarf hold or the same with half guard most of the round. I know there are sweeps, I just couldn’t seem to find the right angles. Meh. Screwed up trying armbar from guard — didn’t have his elbow across enough — which he pointed out. Rats. I just want to roll like a sane person with these guys. *pout*

Drilling was two kimuras from knee-on-belly. Drilled with TKD Mike. Then the next roll with him. Nothing brilliant on my part. Too much under side control and mount again; trying escapes, but my hips weren’t able to move, partly from being sat on and partly from being lazy, I suspect. I think I’m unable to move my hips so many times that I unconsciously give up trying to move them, and then when I really want them to move, they don’t respond.

Last round with Buddy #1. Hurrah! He’s still playing hard-to-deal-with open guard, and he’s still catching my silly mistakes, and he had me defending my back for half the round, but I didn’t feel like such a numbskull. Did pass his open guard at one point — same pass from Tuesday, which means he’ll figure it out soon and start blocking or recovering faster, so I’ll need to move on, too. On top briefly, and had a backdoor escape from under mount once. Slipped another triangle (using the wrong move again!) and got caught in another. Then he got to my back and I was defending the rest of the round. He said afterward that I’d done good there, and that I had such a small neck it was hard for him to get anything through my defense.

Spin-the-wheel pizza after class. We were all 1 or 2 spaces away from the free pizza. One of these days… Just so long as I don’t have to eat it all by myself!


2 thoughts on “A title, a title, my kingdom for a title…

  1. I think it’s funny that your weather is getting warmer and you’re happy… our weather is getting warmer and I’m regretting it. We’ll have perfect grappling weather (for doors open) for another week or three at most, I’d guess. From then on, it will be hot, hotter, and hotter still. We don’t do A/C at our school, so June-September is pretty much nogi weather and you still apparently lose 5-6 lbs per class. Sweet.

    • I don’t like cold. Makes me tired and stiff. And I get even colder and stiffer after class. Much happier and more relaxed when it’s warm. We don’t have AC in the school, either; we just prop the doors open.

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