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I have no clever title…

on April 6, 2009

It’s supposed to snow tomorrow. Good ol’ springtime… :/

Got there super early again because my boss ran me out and I had nowhere else to go. I’ve started taking my extra time before class to work out the kinks acquired over a day of sitting at a computer. So was just working things out. Then Tim, Scott, and Brandon showed up. Tim and Brandon started rolling, so Scott and I started rolling, too. My first roll with our shiny new purple belt.

If I could bottle a roll, it would be rolls like this. Where my hips move. Where my brain remembers things. Where my weight stays where it’s supposed to. Where escapes and sweeps work. Where submissions are oh-so-close.

We rolled for 15-20 minutes, and then it was time for class. Tired! All my energy had been sucked out by that roll, though I was nice and loose (well, more like a limp puddle of gi and sweat). Much slower than usual on the warmup, but then, I was already warmed up. Most things were 3 trips down the mat; I made 2. No forward rolls, though, since tired and dizzy is a bad combination.

Two warmup rolls next. Two decent white belts. Yeah, nothing like rolling with Scott. When the guys start straining and muscling, I’m working on staying relaxed and not getting tense in return. Doing okay with that, though could be better; still falling in to it sometimes. I think I had a few passes and guard breaks, though no sweeps and few escapes. Still having to fight off the back mount. Getting better at it, as long as I don’t get punched in the face…

Drilling was S-guard from mount. Got to work with Scott, so lots of help on everything.

Then a few more rolls. Tim first. Letting me play around a lot, though if I leave something open, it’s getting taken. Then Adam. He was letting me work a lot, too. Even let me have his back at one point, though I have to be quick or he’ll turn out; I wasn’t, so he did.

Then six of the guys decided to do a circuit of kettlebell swings, pullups, dips, and situps, starting at 9 reps and going down to 1. I ain’t that stupid, so I was the official keeper of the rep number, since once they got going they forgot. They’re gonna be sore tomorrow…


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