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Look, Ma, I’m on TV!

on April 4, 2009

Not quite sure of all the back story, but two guys came to class today to film us. They said it was for one of their college classes. Kinda neat, though it was a bit distracting — just when I’d start to hit a groove, I’d catch a glimpse of a camera and get self-conscious. And then get swept. Doh.

Open Mat, last night

I did go to Open Mat last night, and I did roll a little bit. Rolled with one guy who proved that I still have a loooong way to go, and one guy who proved that I’ve possibly learned a thing or two. And they’ve both been doing BJJ for about the same length of time, and less than me.


Still so sore from kettlebell swings! My ribs are sore, too, and bruised; I think some of the guys are taking “drop your weight” a little too literally. Meep.

Warmup was okay, though the academy was very cold (darn spring weather — they turned off the heat because it was getting too warm, and now it’s cold again), so it took a long time to start sweating. Only one run on squat jumps, courtesy of kettlebells.

One warmup roll with Tim. He was going light and easy on me, just letting me move. He caught me in a choke from half-guard, and then said that was what we were going to work today. Lucky me =P

Drilling. First the armbar that we’ve been working recently. Not even catching the arm, just working on the footwork. Then a few reps where we did catch the arm.

Then the choke Tim worked on me. Then some more rolling. Clifton first, then Will twice. Under side control and mount and in guard again. Generally very frustrating. And once again completely self-conscious because the cameras were right there, which didn’t help a bit.

Then Justin. I’d decided before class that if I could get Justin that I’d work on positions and sweeps, since he always lets me play. And he did today, too, so I did, too. Well, somewhat. Not very smooth, and not thinking very well, so stalling out in some positions. He did catch a guillotine once — I forget what I screwed up to hand it to him — but he also gave me a way to escape, though I had to work for it. He also worked the bait-and-choke from earlier, though I refused to pull half guard and he had to pull it for me, but then he let me work away from it. I accidently ended up close enough to the bait-and-choke myself later after getting caught in half guard and actually managed to get it in and set up correctly, though I couldn’t quite finish it. He flattened out instead of turning in, so I didn’t really have the angle I needed. There was a sweep I hit in there at some point that got me a “Nice!” (Yay!) He was letting me work back to guard from all positions, too. Now if I could just hit that on someone else…

That last was a long roll, and Tim never even really called time, so we kept rolling long after everyone else had quit.

After class, the guys with the cameras took Tim and Adam to one side and interviewed them about MMA.

And after that, we all hit the Italian buffet.


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  1. […] talked to me some before class. He said my technique is really good (he drilled with me on Saturday); he thinks the only thing I need to work on is my confidence, that I seem hesitant and not excited […]

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