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I hurt…

on April 2, 2009

Those kettlebell swings… wowzers. Today it’s my middle/upper back/traps and my outer hips and hamstrings. And I have to sit at a computer all day, which doesn’t help at all. Ow…

Foot was actually good tonight. I taped it up best I could, and then did all the warmup including knees-to-chest jumps. No pain except when my toes bend back. What did hurt was my upper back and hips/hamstrings. Couldn’t even try squat jumps. !!

Then some rolling. A white belt first. Eh, need to be tighter; weight down. Still ending under side control and mount despite attempting not to. I did work the escape from last night and tried to transition to a Peruvian necktie, but he grabbed a leg (my sprawl isn’t far enough, though it’s as far as it can go) and plowed through. I think I had mount at some point, though not for too long.

TKD Mike next. Lots of guard break work, though I never did get it open. Defending armbars and triangles and rubber guard. Can’t remember if I gave up my back, though I think I did, because I seem to remember turtling, and they all just pick me up and flip me over from there. I try to use turtle to get out of stuff and then to come back in, but I never make it back in; that’s probably where I’m giving up my back a lot. Ugh. But it’s so useful for what it does get me out of.

Drilling started with the escape from last night. After a while of that, we added a rolling D’Arce to finish. Drilled with Will. Then we rolled. I don’t feel as if I’m getting any better against him; I seem to get stuck in/do the same old, same old every time. Gave up my back again and really had to defend from there for most of the round.

Then with Big Jesse (~215 lbs). (I thought there was another roll in the middle here, but I can’t remember actually rolling with anyone else. … *shrug*) I don’t know who he’d rolled with last, but he was really pushing the pace. So I decided to play along and push, too. I just pretended he was a girl at a tournament — though I didn’t tell him that! =P Keeping up mostly okay, until he’d drop his weight in the center of my chest. Can’t. Breathe. Ow. Lots of guard break attempts from me, though he’s taller, which makes it harder. Gave up my back again (!!??), and he was working hard for the RNC — or for an armbar, while still holding me with the body triangle! Could just barely get my arm away from that.

Under side control and mount, and giving up my back. Seems to be my game plan right now. Meh.

After practice conditioning was Spin the Wheel Pizza Night at the nearby pizza & sub place. I was trying to stretch my back and hips out still, even after practice, and apparently wasn’t doing it too discreetly and/or was making ow-that-hurt faces. (I always make faces and don’t even know it!) Someone asked me what I’d hurt in class, and I said I was sore from kettlebell swings. He asked how many, and I said I’d done 50 with Scott last night (they’d all seen Scott doing them, but had somehow missed me). Their jaws dropped. I didn’t realize most of the guys can’t/won’t do 50 at a time; I figured that was a warmup for them. Nice. 🙂


2 responses to “I hurt…

  1. Georgette says:

    Recently posted a picture of a girl with massive quads and the caption was “Squat. Somewhere out there a girl is warming up with your max.” I love the jaw-dropping.

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