My butt hurts!

Warmup, lots of stuff I couldn’t do. Foot is still goofy. Did what I could, though.

Then rolling. Justin first. He was letting me play a lot. My hips seemed to be moving some, too; weren’t glued to the mat like they usually seem to be. Still not remembering what alternate moves I know (e.g., armbar to triangle or scissor sweep to pendulum sweep), so getting stuck on dumb stuff. I think I was floppy, too: hips seemed to come down hard after shrimping. But he was making me work, which means I was doing enough right to deserve it.

Then Will. Remembered what he’d said last night when we were drilling, so I was working to keep more pressure. Worked a few guard breaks, though the only one with any success was the knee-up one. Felt like I was doing alright, though I am apparently somehow turning and giving up my back — had to defend it almost all night. Meh.

Drilling was a side control escape. Drilled with Will again.

More rolling. Tim first. *snort* Absolutely hilarious. I got nothing on him. Again gave up my back without intending to (I need to figure out where I’m going wrong). He stood up to pass my guard once, and my hips and feet decided to come alive and chase after him. Kept up decently for a while, and then he did some step in and spin something-or-other and sat on me. Doh. Did okay about not falling in to the same old patterns, though toward the end I found myself in one; there’s supposedly a D’Arce in there, but I couldn’t get my shoulder deep enough — and of course he’s working against me.

Then the new guy who had a gi on Monday (same one I banged my foot on). Doing alright there, too, though again gave up my back. (Slight annoyance — guys who try to give me advice and tell me to do something while actively and strongly preventing me from doing it.) Had a few chances at triangles and bump sweeps. He was reaching back to break my guard, which isolates that wrist if I can just push it through a little. (Trying to get a triangle by pushing their wrist any distance further than 6 inches is unlikely for me; as soon as they realize I have control of something, they fight back hard. So I wait until they cover most of the distance for me.) Nearly did catch that first one, but couldn’t quite get around for the angle; after that, he knew I was going for them and was defending just enough. I was actually attacking a lot, though, which surprised me.

Last round with Nick, who by this point was absolutely drenched in sweat. It was like wrastlin’ a greased pig. Which I told him. Not, as he pointed out, that I was much better. The whole round was us sliding off everything we tried. Quite amusing.

Afterward, most of the guys jetted for UFC. I did 5 pull-ups — yeah! Then Scott wanted to do some kettlebell swings, so I did them with him. Five rounds, 10 reps each. ~53-lb kettlebell. (I forget the kgs.) My butt hurts! By the end of the third round, my glutes were hurting. By the end of the fifth, they were on fire! (My lower back’s a little twitchy right now, which means my form was off somewhere. Rats.)


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