I almost tapped to gi funk

No kidding. Although, to be fair, I could have also tapped to BO or to bad breath — and all from the same guy!! I did have to say something afterward; it was bad. Mentioned that he might want to wash his gi a second time before the next class, that it really smelled. (Picking the gi seemed the least likely to cause offense.) Although, the smell did help my posture in his guard — I got up, and there ain’t no way I was coming back down. Phew!!

Scott grinned all tonight, too.

Got to class really early, so I sat out in my car and read a book about software testing. (For work. Not terribly exciting, but it’s stuff I need to learn.) Adam pulled up next to me and asked if I wanted to roll. You betcha! So we changed and got in the ring for some pre-class rolling. Nick and Buddy #1 got there right after us, and they came in to roll, too.

Did okay, I think. He still caught me with everything under the sun. Except, actually, a D’Arce, which is what he usually hits on me; I managed to defend those. Hey! I did find myself pushing too far away from under half guard, and he started to turn for that D’Arce; I realized what I’d done, though, and pulled my elbows back in. At one point, I had him in guard and my hips started working, almost all by themselves. Couldn’t sweep or actually do anything with that fact, but Adam did say that that had been good hip movement. Afterward, he said I was doing fine and to keep it up.

Warmup was a little different. All circle drills. Had the one where everyone starts on their hands and knees, and the person at the designated start of the circle hops over everyone one at a time; as soon as the person before you in line jumps over you, you get up and start jumping. When you jump over the last person, you drop back to your hands and knees. Once everyone’s gone, everyone goes to hands and feet, and the person at the start begins army-crawling under everyone.

I couldn’t do any jumping because my foot is still swollen, and while I can push off, I can’t land on it. (Maybe I broke something down in there? It doesn’t hurt much except if it gets hit, although it is still bruised and swollen. Didn’t hurt at all when I rolled with Adam before class.) But got in as much as I could; was an obstacle for guys to jump over, though I could only do the army crawls.

Then one round of rolling, and this is when I got the smelly guy. Smelled him immediately, too, as soon as I sat down and before I got close. *gag* Though again, my posture was much better because down was bad. And my escapes had a lot more oomph behind them than usual. So, motivation, but very unpleasant. Somewhere near the beginning, I don’t even remember what we were doing, but he kicked me square in the eye with his heel. Wait, stop, hold on… Took a few moments to check that everything seemed fine. He apologized and said he never felt anything. Although, he did stop spazzing and flinging his limbs every which way after that (which is how I got clocked) and actually rolled like a sane person, with pressure and technique (well, and gi funk). Not that I’m going to let him kick me in the face every night, but if it helps him roll better…

Drilling next. A long set-up to a choke that Adam worked out on me while we were rolling, and then with some more working on it after we finished. Took a while to do each rep, so we didn’t get to do many times through each. I worked with Will, and he said that while I was generally tight throughout, I didn’t feel tight in the beginning, at the points where I’m still in guard. He said he feels that when I’m drilling with him — and rolling, too — that I could go tighter, even if it’s just using my weight, and that it would help when I’m rolling because guys would really have to work to muscle me off. And he said he thinks I’m strong enough to really be able to do it. He helped me work on getting my weight even more up on him and also on pinching as absolutely tight as I could at the beginning there.

We got a quick look at a counter to a counter within that sequence. Then we rolled, me with Will, and I was under side control and mount. So no practice in live rolling. Oh well. He did start for the sequence from today, which had me working very quickly to get away. I think I must be doing something that gives up my back — everyone’s getting there recently. (My defense for back mount is getting pretty good, though; only the purple belts are getting through it [without ripping my arms off first, that is].)

One more round, but only the smelly guy was left, so I sat out. One of the toes on my other foot was cramping up, too, which is completely unpleasant. Silly feets.

We had a new guy who started coming last week. He’s a professional football player — linebacker — and he’s big and he’s fast. And not just fast for a big guy; he’s fast for anybody. Holy. Cow. He was rolling with Nick last week, and Nick tried to throw a triangle (which Nick later said was hard to do because the guy is massive); Tim and Justin told the guy to stand up, which he did easily, and then, in Justin’s words, he took Nick off like a sweater and then set him down on the mat. Nick’s a purple belt, ~6’2″, and ~200 lbs. This guy’s about the same height, ~250 lbs. And strong.

The guys were talking last night after he’d left and today before class, and they agreed that he is the absolutely strongest guy they’ve ever rolled with. They were also talking about how strong he was, and how they felt as if they couldn’t do anything; he’d just pin them down with one hand. How his weight was always balanced just right to keep them down. How he was too big to do triangles on, and how he could just do a bicep curl to get out of an armbar. And as I was listening, I heard echoes of myself talking about how much trouble I have getting anything on most guys. It isn’t often that the guys meet someone they all have trouble with, who’s that absolutely much stronger than they are. Made me feel a little better, since most of them have almost the same weight and strength difference against me. So it’s not just the little girl having these troubles right now; all the guys are having them, too, with the new guy.


4 thoughts on “I almost tapped to gi funk

  1. Very interesting concerning the new guy. I think it is very easy for us ‘normal’ people to underestimate the athleticism of a professional athlete. At a certain point in BJJ strength does trump many other qualities, even the all important technique (as you discuss all the time). Throw in explosive speed and someone who is already well aware of how to use their body and it’s a true problem…

    Regarding the funk tap. I can only offer my sympathies….

    • He squats ~500 lbs. It’s just… wow.

      I think the body control is a huge part of it. It’s easier to learn and progress when your body can do what you want it to.

      He’s making a very strong effort to roll controlled and to learn the techniques. My guys have said, too, that he’s very smooth, not spazzy, and, though he’s enormously strong, really tries not to use it unless he has to. He’s nearly tapping guys out with *techniques* already; he just doesn’t know quite enough to finish it.

    • Isn’t it Matt Lindland who doesn’t shower for weeks before a fight? Maybe he’s trying to emulate him.

      I might need to work on holding my breath…

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