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Of toes and purple belts

on March 30, 2009

(And, something spiked my views this weekend, but I have no idea what…)

First roll of the night, slammed the left side of my left foot into my partner’s leg. Hurt, but didn’t think anything of it. After the second roll, it was bruised and swelling. It’s on the foot, just behind the pinky toe that I dislocated last summer. After drills, there was a noticeable bump there that isn’t on the other foot. Grrs. Am RICEing it now.

Second roll of the night ended early due to Scott getting whacked with a purple belt. Wohoo!

Smaller class. We’re heading for finals and project due dates, so there are fewer guys coming in each night. Warmup was okay, though I didn’t seem to have much energy. After all the jogging and bear crawls, we did 20 knees-to-chest jumps followed by 20 squat thrusts, three times. I got one time all the way, and then about halfway through the squat thrusts on the second round, before he sent us to the wall. Not too many drills from there. Then pushups with knees in and sit-ups with pull through.

On to rolling. Tim’s been purposely putting me with new guys for the past few weeks. This one, though, had a worn-in gi and belt, so at least he wasn’t just a knuckle-head guy who thinks he’s gonna fight. Not too bad rolling with him; he knows some technique, and he didn’t knock me in the face. On the bottom still. Had a few guard recoveries and turned out of back mount several times, but no sweeps would work. Somewhere in here was the smacking of the foot/toe.

Then rolled with Clifton. Almost the same roll. Defending back mount and in turtle a lot. End of this roll was Scott’s promotion. He grinned the whole rest of the night.

Drilling was the first armbar from last Monday.

By the end of drilling, though, my toe/foot was really hurting. I thought at first that I’d broken a toe again (gah!), but the injury is in a slightly different part of my foot. Not that that’s any better… But at that point, it was painful to stand on. I practiced pushing off on it, and it hurt, and I knew it would hurt more if it got hit. So I sat out the last two rounds. (And the last round went 15 minutes. Argh.)


2 responses to “Of toes and purple belts

  1. Georgette says:

    Hope you feel better soon 😦

    After the first 24-48 hrs, switch from just ice to alternating heat and ice every 20 minutes. I was a horse trainer in a previous life and if it works for multimillion dollar athletes it will work for us ordinary humans 🙂

    • leslie says:

      Was rolling again tonight. As if I could actually sit out long enought to let something heal properly 😛

      I’ll try to remember the horse treatments. It seems mostly okay, and I could roll tonight without any pain; it just hurts when there’s pressure on the bruise.

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