A little Saturday practice

Warmup was very short and light; kept up, felt good.

Two flow rolls next. Once again, we need a primer on flow for most of the guys. First guy was grunting and jerking and slamming. Elbowed me in the face once (knocked me down!), though he noticed and apologized. Second guy just got to side control and held me there. *le sigh*

Drilling was triangle and armbar from the guard, then triangle-armbar-triangle. Had to work with it’s-always-his-first-day guy. When I’m working with him or with any newer guys (and most of the other white belts, too), I usually go first, especially if it’s something I’ve already learned. That way I can make sure I remember it correctly and they can get a quick view from the other side. I keep hoping that with this guy, he’ll remember that he knows it and will actually be able to drill, but that still hasn’t happened yet.

We drilled triangles first for a while and then armbars. Justin had to come over for the triangle and armbar and re-teach them to this guy. (I used to try, but I gave up very quickly. I let the instructors deal with him. Besides, unless we’re told to, white belts aren’t supposed to instruct.) Then we moved to the triangle-armbar-triangle. We didn’t drill the it long enough for Justin to get back over to us, else he would have had to teach the guy how to do an armbar and a triangle. Again. The two moves we just did. Many, many times. And I know he did them, and did them right and even on his own, because I was his partner.

I can understand forgetting a move between training sessions — I do it all the time, even though I come back and write them all down — and this guy doesn’t come in all that much, so that’s even more understandable. But he forgets things he learned five minutes ago. Not just forgets a detail or screws it up once, but regresses all the way as if he’d never learned it. So in addition to the three learning styles, there’s also apparently a non-learning style. He’s in college, by the way. So he’s apparently not incapable of learning; he just somehow can’t translate it to jiu-jitsu.

Rolling again, and I had to roll with him. Did not help that I was once again completely flabbergasted by the fact that he cannot seem to retain anything. And he was floppy, as usual, and didn’t remember anything, as usual. So rolling with him every time is like rolling with a complete newbie who can only think to fling your legs away and hold your wrists down. And I get more frustrated because he’s not a big guy, though he is much stronger than he looks like he should be, and I can’t do anything on him because he’s just being a wet blanket. The round was mostly me holding guard and ostensibly going for the triangle or armbar, when really I was just waiting it out.

Got to roll with Justin the next round. Haven’t rolled with him in weeks. As usual, I got schooled in the positional game, but I think I moved around okay. Thought I had a sweep set up on him once, but then he swept me. Doh. Even had some decent grips, not that they did me any good.

Last round with Marine Mark. Again, think I moved okay most of the round. He did catch an armbar, and somehow I tweaked my neck in that; took a few seconds to work it out. (Seems okay now, but really hurt for a minute there.)


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