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Breakdancing, BJJ style

on March 26, 2009

Quite a few of the crowd that only comes to MMA nights showed up tonight. They had their gloves, and they were all ready for some ground ‘n’ pound. Sorry, guys, it’s jiu-jitsu now. Huzzah!

Warmup, okay, though couldn’t catch my breath on a few runs and had to sit out. Did do two runs on squat jumps, though.

Drilling was the Peruvian necktie first. Then after a while we worked a hip-switch, break-dance, I-don’t even-know-what-to-call-it. Your partner is on their side, and you’re on their back, your hip up on theirs, your legs sprawled to the side. You stay up and use them as a sit-n-spin, slipping your hips forward and around and ending, somehow, with an armbar of their top arm. It was actually quite fun and rather hilarious since apparently none of us have any break-dancing skills, except Tim.

Drilled for quite a while, though. Then rolling. Odd number, so I had to sit out the first round. So antsy to get on the mat! One more round, and I had to roll with one of the MMA guys, the floppy one. I think I was moving mostly okay, though couldn’t finish anything as he’d just jerk out and slam me down. Lovely. Did have a few sweeps from guard to mount and also several decent guard recoveries, which is all I wanted anyway. But then class was over.

Eh, I probably needed a lighter night anyway. I’m supposed to be resting on Tuesdays and Thursdays. (But besides just being bored stiff, there’s also the post-work traffic, which is just lousy. The academy is between work and home, though, so I can just stop off for class and let all the crazies get in their traffic jams.) I may still have to back down to just technique on a night or two — no rolling — though we’ll see how it goes. Six days a week is rough. Fun, but rough. There’s nowhere I’d rather be than on the mat, but I still ought to be smart about it.


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