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Six days of jiu-jitsu

on March 25, 2009

It’s official — tomorrow night, MMA becomes nogi BJJ again. That means six days of jiu-jitsu every week now. I don’t think I can make myself sit out much longer. (Last night was a hair appt., else I’d’ve probably gone then, too.) There’s a mat, and it’s open, and there’s jiu-jitsu to be done. I can’t resist…

The weather turned, and it’s cold and rainy again. Had to resort to my sweatshirt during warmups. Brr! Good in the warmup, actually. Two trips on squat jumps even. And everyone didn’t skip the same drill, so I wasn’t ever out there alone. A few more drills. Then partnered up to roll. Flow rolls, Tim said. Flow.

… … Maybe we should just have a class where we explain the concept.

First roll with a spazzy guy. Just trying to keep calm and move. Got slammed around a lot, and that’s with him actually doing a lot better than normal. Probably helped that I was his first roll. Tried to just think about shrimping out, moving my hips, maybe look for a sweep. A few guard recoveries, though no sweeps from there (he’d just pry my legs apart and pass).

Then got stuck with the brand-new guy. It’s been worse, though. He was strong and pushy, but left lots of space, so I could at least move a little. Couldn’t hold guard again, though; pried apart and passed. I think there are some guys whose warmup weight at the gym is me.

Drilling was a kneebar! From half-guard. (Only the second lower-body submission we’ve worked since I’ve been there. And it probably means I’ll have to be very careful around the spazzy white belts for a while, since they’ll now think they can throw kneebars at will.)

Had to work with one of the guys I try to avoid. He was trying to tell me how to do it, which I knew was wrong, but he was moving me around where he wanted me to be — and then right as I tried the sweep his way, Tim looked over and fussed at me for not paying attention earlier and for doing it wrong. Grrr. And this guy started out sinking them in really fast; I had to tell him to go slow, which, thankfully, he did.

Then same partners for armbar from mount, with the partner pushing straight up. He’s never really done them before, so I went first. Then between Tim and me, we showed him how to do it. I let him drill it the rest of the time.

Then rolling with the same partner. (Couldn’t get away from this guy!) Although, to his credit, he was trying very hard to use technique and do everything slowly enough that he could do it right. I rolled at his speed, which was fine with me; actually could work a few passes. Got to mount a few times and let him practice working out. He said afterward that his first instinct was to push straight up (and I was actually watching for that), but after those armbar drills he knew it was the wrong thing to do and he knew I’d go for his arm. So he worked knee-elbow successfully a few times, and also found several ways to give up his back. When I got to mount once, he tried to just hug me down and figure-4 his arms, only that opened his shoulder, isolated his arms, and raised his elbows; I was actually able to slip up and finish the armbar. Only thing I took the whole round, though, and showed him afterward how I’d been able to get that.

Next with one of the blue belts, and he’s usually good to roll with. Tonight, though, not so much. Got jerked all over and outmuscled for every submission. We’d restart on our knees, and he’d promptly jerk my face down to the mat. Lovely. Tapped early, tapped often. Felt as if I should have known how to get away, and started on the frustration kick again but caught it and just resigned myself to being outmuscled no matter how great my defense was. Again, some guys’ warm-up weight is me. And sometimes they need someone they can beat up on.

Last with the first guy I’d rolled with, only now he’d gotten a few non-flow rolls in and was back to being largely spazzy. Did have some passes, mostly after he kneed me square in the face, causing my head to snap back; he noticed and apologized profusely, and then I think he was trying harder not to be so spazzy. We rolled off the mat once with me in top side control; usually we always just restart from knees instead of finding the exact position — easier all around, takes less time, and no one’s abused it yet — but he actually asked if we could restart as we finished so he could work out of side control. Did get to side control a few times, mount once off a pendulum sweep, and even knee-on-belly once, though at that he just grabbed on and tossed me several feet to the other side. Their warmup = me. Grand.

Hips a little slow all around, not switching or moving as much as I wanted to. I think I was falling in to the “It doesn’t matter what I do, they’re just going to steamroll me” poor little me mentality, which I don’t want to do. I just feel so stuck sometimes; nothing seems to work, which should mean first that I look to my technique, but instead I focus on them holding me down. C’mon, silly girl, I thought you said your mental jiu-jitsu was doing good…

Now that I actually have a job, the companies I sent my resume to want to interview me. Pfft. Little late, ya’ll.

And I do still like my job. I do have to remember to write down a basic algorithm for how I’m going to attack a document, test plan, use case, whatever, mostly so I don’t go off and make something that isn’t quite right. But that’s just bringing back my computer science classes (I tried to triple major with CS, but the department was overfull at the time and they weren’t letting anyone else in). It’s a lot of thinking, some planning, and a lot of writing. I’m doing as much actual writing here as I did when my title was Technical Writer. Only now I’m in more control of what I’m writing. And one of my supervisors has already told me that I’m picking it all up quickly and that he’s glad they hired me. Yay!


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