Forgot to pack my jits

Packed everything else, but forgot to pack my jiu-jitsu. So lost out there tonight. Gah.

Warmups, fine, kept up. Only 1 run on squat jumps, and that seemed to be the one everyone else only did 1 of as well.

Rolling next. Supposed to be flowing again, but I didn’t get anyone who knew how to do it. Both just held me down and were fixated on gi chokes. Under side control most of the time. No space, no escapes.

Drilling was two armbars from side control. Drilled those for a while, and then a few more rounds of rolling. Started with one of the guys I’d rolled with earlier in the evening, and the round was pretty much the same. No chance to work anything; just got held down. Last roll was longer, and got one of the white belts who gives out instructions when he’s rolling. And he’s usually wrong. Got picked up and slammed over a lot. Yep, cuz that’s flow… :/

No rainbows and kittens. Sadness.

The Dog Whisperer is one of my favorite TV shows. Cesar works with dog owners to point out how, generally, they are causing their dogs’ problems. And he works with a lot of cases that most “dog experts” would recommend euthanizing, and he turns them back to normal dogs. Also, some of the most aggressive dogs he’s dealt with are Chihuahuas and other yippy furballs, not Rotties and pits.

Anyway, in Friday night’s episode, he was working with a dog that was terrified of shiny floors and of stairs. He pointed out to the owner that the dog was assessing the situation with its eyes first instead of its nose and ears, like it’s supposed to. (And the dog had been given positive reinforcement when it panicked in those situations, so now when it identified the situation with its eyes, its brain said, “We’re supposed to panic now,” and so it did.) Of course Cesar fixed the problem, and soon the dog was romping through shiny floors and up and down stairs.

And then my brain made a connection to Friday’s Open Mat. For dogs, their senses should work in the order Nose, Ears, and then Eyes. For us grapplers, it should be Touch/”Feel” and then Eyes to assess a situation. But I’ve fallen back to just using what I can see to determine what I do — and, sometimes, I don’t even process that information very far and instead just do “the next move” in these patterns I’ve developed (and these patterns, I noticed, very much anticipate getting swept or smashed; they’re all very defensive only).

Not that I managed to do anything about it tonight, but at least I made a connection. If only my physical jiu-jitsu could match my mental jiu-jitsu, I’d be unstoppable.


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