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Rainbows and Kittens

on March 18, 2009

*snort* All week I’ve been half-joking about wanting rainbows and kittens when I roll. Well, tonight was Flow Night. All rolls, flow only. Not that most of the guys know how to flow, but that was the idea anyway. (Overheard some of the higher-ranked guys talking after about how some of the white belts were going Abu Dhabi still. C’mon, just have fun with it!)

Warmup first. Not bad. (I think I’m missing the secret code about which drills to skip the second trip on, because I’m still ending up out there by myself.) Then a few circle-up drills.

Partnered up for the first roll. Got Buddy #1, which was great since he does know how to flow, except my brain and body weren’t quite up to speed yet and I was having trouble doing it. Did find a sweep or two in there, though, so we had a little bit of me being able to roll decently. Then we paused to drill armdrag from butterfly with the same partner.

Another roll. Mostly held down in side control and under mount, though we had a few moments with some decent movement. Then drilling armdrag from butterfly with taking their back.

Last roll, with Big Tom. Little harder to move around on him. I don’t usually feel tiny even when I roll with bigger guys, but for some reason I was feeling tiny with Tom tonight. Also mostly under side control and mount. … Seeing a pattern emerging, and I think I need to start working on it again — that is, not getting under side control and mount, but rather escaping before they get there. Maybe I should just keep a running list of what I’m working on, which is still everything.

Then drilled armbar from guard. I can hardly even wrap up guard on Tom! And he could armbar the length of my entire body!

After class, Tim was talking and said he might switch the Thursday MMA class back to a jiu-jitsu class. Most of us go because it’s another class and Tim’s teaching. The few that Tim would let fight don’t want to, and the ones that do want to fight aren’t anywhere near ready. So for most of us, it’s a little stand-up practice and a good cardio workout, but not something that we just have to have.

Sitting out tomorrow night, and then we have Open Mat on Friday and Adam’s fight on Saturday.


2 responses to “Rainbows and Kittens

  1. clinzy says:

    We share a training partner! Erik (college kid) trains with you guys during the week, and then comes to our school in Richmond on the weekends. if you’re ever down this way, I hope you’ll stop in.

    Oh, there are also a few women’s open mats coming up in the next couple of months. They’ll be posted on the NHB Gear forum, and in some of the blogs that you follow, too.

    • leslie says:

      Howdy, neighbor! Yup, we do. He was talking about ya’ll last night, since he’d just been down for the tournament.

      Ooo… you mean, like, lots of girls… on the mat… at the same time… doing jiu-jitsu… and not a tournament?… O.O … O.O This, I will definitely have to keep an eye out for. Thanks!

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