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Back to it

on March 17, 2009

We won’t have class on Saturday because of Adam’s fight, so I went tonight. That, and I couldn’t go another day with last night still in my head.

Tim pulled me aside before class, before most of the guys got there, and asked me what had happened last night. (He’d been watching elsewhere and just saw me walk off the mat.) And I was the odd man out during the last roll at the end of the night, and he came over and talked to me then, too. He said that I need to speak up sooner if someone’s roughing me up too much and that no one thinks I’m a wimp or would think I was if I did speak up. And just encouraged me; said that I was doing good and that he still thinks I’ll be getting the guys soon.


  • keep emotions in check

Back to keeping it small.

Warmup, not too bad, though the new thing to toss in now is apparently knees-to-chest jumps. Bleh. Oh, oh! I finally found out why I’m getting a trip behind on the down-the-mat drills. We were doing backwards crab walks, so I could see the guys who were on the same pace as I was — and they only did one trip! So it seemed as if I was behind, but I wasn’t! They didn’t go! Hey! Stop making me look bad! Grr!!

Then we drilled bridging and threading-the-needle, then worked that side control escape with a partner for reference.

Drilling was a spider guard sweep using your knees. Still had issues with it, though Justin worked with me lots — first I was too loose, then too tight, then too loose again. Doh.

Then a few rounds of rolling. Started with the guy I’d been drilling with all night. Still under side control and mount a lot and couldn’t get any escapes to work. Did do as Scott’s been on me to do, and that’s to go for a bump sweep earlier; saw an opportunity coming, went for it, and actually got it. Did catch the attitude flaring up a few times and squashed it; I think, no, I know breaking down at the end of class is a result of lots of little break-downs that aren’t caught, so I’m trying to catch them and deal with them individually.

Next with a guy who hasn’t been around for a while — and who’s been promoted to blue belt! (Not by Tim, though that probably wouldn’t have been far away, but he also trains somewhere that’s closer to where he lives. I think, at least.) Always like rolling with him because he’s never been one to squish me or beat on me; he works his technique and he makes me work for mine, which is just how I want it. Also caught a few flare-ups in this roll, usually when he’d get something I thought I’d had defended. Then reminded myself that I was rolling with this guy, and that I like this guy, and that that blue belt is well deserved. He said after that I’d done well and have improved a lot since last time.

(What are they seeing when they tell me I’m doing better? Scott mentioned better pressure and being tighter. But overall, I don’t feel as if much has changed in months. I go for the same things, get stuck in the same places, and get caught with the same stuff roll after roll. And that’s all when I’m actually trying to do new stuff. Pffft.)

Last roll, I was the odd one out, so I sat and talked to Tim. I know, I should talk to him more, but I’m really trying not to be a whiner or tattler or attention seeker. We’ve had plenty of those come through the school. And because I’m the only girl, I think I’m feeling — or putting on myself — pressure to not be the kind of girl the guys don’t want around. I just want to work and learn and get better. Rainbows and kittens. Is that really too much to ask? 🙂


2 responses to “Back to it

  1. Georgette says:

    I think by wanting (what I think are) the same things the guys are wanting– “to work and learn and get better”– plus by pushing yourself and not being “a whiner or tattler or attention seeker” you are EXACTLY the kind of girl any self-respecting jits fighter would want around.

  2. leslie says:

    Thanks. They’ve kept me around so far. 🙂 I’ve always put a lot of pressure on myself, though, and am still learning to be nice to myself. Once again, jiu-jitsu shines a spotlight on what I ignore outside of class.

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