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"Be gentle, kind and beautiful, yet firm and strong, both mentally and physically." ~Sensei Keiko Fukuda


on March 7, 2009

We had a snowstorm on Sunday, and today is nearly 80 and sunny and beautiful. That’s normal here, though.

Class was small because spring break for both universities starts this weekend through next. And we started late because they were starting Adam’s training camp for his next fight and ran over. His stand-up is looking sharp.

Light class today, both because of the small class and because hardly anyone was here. (Four white belts, one blue, two purple, and Tim.) Short and easy warm up. I was keeping up, I was, and then I was somehow a whole drill behind. I don’t know what happened…

Drilled first. A guard break. Drilled for a bit, then rolled a bit. Rolled with a guy first, me just trying to go easy and move. Wondered a few times why I can’t seem to get a fun/let’s play roll with most of the guys. I know I need to work on intent and on going harder in class so I’m more ready for the next tournament, but that wasn’t my goal for this morning. But most guys just have one speed: Abu Dhabi. Stuck on the bottom the majority of the round.

Sat out the next one because we had an odd number, and then rolled the third with Scott. I got to roll with him at the tournament on the warmup mat, and he said then that I was rolling better at that moment than I had ever rolled before in class. So I knew he would be looking for that to continue today. I didn’t want to go quite that intense, though, and mostly wanted to work grips since that’s what I always forget to do in gi. But did still apparently keep up lots of what I was doing last week because he mentioned it again afterward. Said even that roll was better than most I’ve ever had in class before, and said I’m keeping better pressure and staying in tighter. (Said there was one point, when he had top half guard, that I needed to work on getting my hips out, but his belt had come off & gotten wrapped around us both, and I couldn’t get out.) He said, too, that he’s going to increase the pressure on me since he knows I can do it; he did it during that round, too.

I know I need to roll more with specific intent and greater intensity in class, but I don’t like to do it with most of the other white belts because they, in turn, ramp up their intensity as well, even though I’m only trying to match what they were doing in the first place. And I feel as if they get a bit out of control when they do that, and I don’t like rolling with that. So I think I’m going to focus on working out of situations with the other white belts (they’re good at getting to side control on me, and, as evidenced by the tournament, I need work on getting out from there; and, the ones that pull guard first give me a hard time breaking it — so, those two to start), and on going more intently and intensely with the blue and purples.

Funny work stories. I already have them.

Second day of work, we had a phone meeting with the people who had the “emergency” on Wednesday to discuss the proposed solution we’d sent them the day before. The lady in charge of this project said that we’d quoted far more time (and, therefore, $$) than she thought necessary. My boss said that that figure was based on previous interactions and knowing that there is usually a lot of back-and-forth in hammering out details. She said that she knew exactly what she wanted and could completely explain the project in two minutes.

And then partway through explaining it, she says, “Oh, on this screenshot here, I think the lines are too thick. Can we make them thinner? And I don’t like the black. What about blue? No, wait, I’m sick of blue. [It’s the company’s logo color.] Maybe green. How would green look? Can you do it in green? I’ll have to check with my boss, though. I’ll get back to you on that. But I like the thickness of the lines; they really make it stand out. What about a yellow background? I like yellow, especially with the black. And the drop-down menu, I don’t like the font here. I’m not sure how I want that list ordered yet, or really even what I want in it. Oh, and why is your estimate for how much time this will take so high? I don’t know anything about this sort of thing, but I don’t think it should take so long.” *headdesk*

(Thankfully, everyone I work with completely agrees with how frustrating and annoying these people are. They’re just more used to it.)


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