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Could have done without that

on February 26, 2009

So, tonight was supposed to be a light final tune-up before the tournament. Except it’s normally MMA night, so we had all the guys who only show up for MMA class. They’re supposed to show up for at least one BJJ class, too, but they claim college classes, tests, hangovers, work, and other commitments during BJJ classes. They really don’t want to do BJJ, they just want to fight, which is precisely why that rule is in place, to weed out guys like that. But how do you argue against tests and all that? You can’t. (Except, if they aren’t any good at BJJ, Tim will never let them fight under him. And he was on them all tonight about how bad their jiu-jitsu is.)

And these guys were annoyed to find themselves in a jiu-jitsu class, and even more annoyed that they were getting whipped up on by everyone else. So they were decidedly not going light or easy or even bothering with technique. And, to top it off, their attitude overall just stunk, and they didn’t make Tim happy. And since they weren’t going easy and had bad attitudes, Tim had to put the blue and purple belts on them, which is precisely who I needed to roll with.

I did get one roll with Nick, when he needed a break from them, too. He let me get to top half-guard and work around that.

I even had to go with one of them. If I pulled guard, he put both hands on my hips and held me there. If he pulled guard, he arm-wrestled for the armbar. If I got to anything else, he would just hold me there; rarely tried to pass, hardly moved, just held me down. If I moved any part of his, e.g., his hand, he’d leave it where I put it and just hold it in place. Did actually get the pendulum sweep on him (which, from the look on his face, thoroughly and completely shocked him) since he just held still. Then he fought like crazy to get away from mount. But if he got close enough to a submission — not even had it, just had it going in the right direction and I couldn’t get away easily — I tapped. I refuse to get hurt tonight. He even grabbed my leg and ankle to try some kind of leg lock — 1) not allowed for white belts and 2) he doesn’t know anything — and I immediately verbally tapped. Toward the end of the round, he was obviously not trying: wouldn’t engage, would just sit there, didn’t try to defend, nothing. Just a blob sitting there. That was also the last round, and it went longer than the others. Kept wishing it would end, though. So frustrated, so tired, so annoyed. What is wrong with these people?? Why can’t I get a decent no-one-trying-to-rip-my-head-off roll?

Also got the always-his-first-day guy and a couple of other white belts who all seemed to be in hold-me-down mode.

We did work a guard break. Worked with Will and the first-day guy. I went, Will went, and then Will had to explain it to this guy. Then I went, Will went, …and then Will had to explain it to this guy. Tim stepped in at some point and tried to help him. He never did get it although we explained it many times.

Good pass to work on, though. Justin uses it on me all the time, and I’ve started trying it on my own with some of the blue belts. I got to drill a guard break & pass I like/will use and got to roll with Nick once, so I guess the class wasn’t a total waste. Thankfully, all the guys going this weekend are guys I like to work with and none of the jerky ones.

For the tournament, I’m planning to write out the techniques that I do most often on a note card to take with me. I’ve got another card with quotes from my guys, other people at the academy, and ya’ll who comment on my blog (Thanks again:)), and others with scriptures (mostly on peace!). Maybe I’ll even write out one with some of my notes from Saulo’s book. Just so I have something for my brain to focus on instead of freaking out.


6 responses to “Could have done without that

  1. jiujitsu365 says:

    I feel your pain. When some of the MMA guys train with us they tend to ask questions such as, “Are we going to roll tonight?” or “How long before we roll?” They will ask at the most inappropriate times.

    Some, not all, also go for the revenge taps and abandon any semblance of technique and restraint. I once tapped out a guy with a knuckle choke and after I get a tap I usually will ease up and start from a seated rather than kneeling position. Mistake. This guy was all over me and as he was bigger and strong he was able to gorilla a tap from me. It felt like a fight for my life rather that a friendly roll. It was all ego driven.

    I laughed about it later on, but I try to avoid tough guys in class.

    • leslie says:

      Yeah, I try to avoid them all, too.

      “Gorilla a tap” — *snicker* I like that. I may have to use it, since that’s exactly what it’s like. 😉

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