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That could have gone better…

on February 25, 2009


…drat, I want to to work on everything. So many issues, so little time.

Decent sized class. One returning new guy. Visiting guy, Josh Bowie, from Paul Creighton’s; friend of Tim’s.

Warmup was okay. It was shorter than the last two nights, plus being without the gi helped. Still toast by the last run of squat jumps — what is it about those that fry my legs so quickly?

Then two warmup rolls. Adam first. Got D’Arced silly. Moving okay, I think, and he was giving me time to try stuff, though never really came up with anything to try. Then Kevin No-Toe. Was kind of hoping I could do well against him, since he’s been out for several months, but nothing doing. In all my un-favorite positions again.

Drilling was a counter to double-unders.

Then more rolling. New Adam first, since we’d drilled together. Yeah, he’s getting better, and quickly. Having to keep up a lot. Kevin No-Toe again. He said somewhere in the middle of that roll that I’ve gotten a lot better. (I still don’t know what he was seeing — I had nothing, and he was everywhere.) Then TKD Mike. Trying to break guard or escape mount. Clifton next. Fought to top half-guard once, but it was gone quickly. Then got to roll with Josh, and he was rolling easy and pointing out lots of things. He showed me an alternative grip for the pinch pass, which should allow me to control their hips better. (One palm goes directly into the hip of the leg you have trapped; the other goes behind their hamstring and around their hip on the other side.) He tried to explain it while we rolled, and then came over afterward to show me in isolation. He also showed me how to base out better when I’m passing around to side control and guys are pushing in to me — send the bottom leg further back and out so they can’t roll me over that way. And he let me work the sweep from class with the step-over armbar.

Overall, though, felt like I did nothing that will help me this weekend. Tried to get to the top, and lost it quickly. Tried to get sweeps the few times I caught someone in guard, but just got passed. Tried to bridge out of side control and mount, and barely ruffled their hair. Tried knee-elbow escapes from mount and nearly got armbarred multiple times. Tried to break guard, and got nothing. It’s just… I feel so unprepared. Sure, I can be all intent on cracking someone’s jaw — or I can at least imagine that she is thinking that about me (and if she has red hair, I know she is;) — and can be prepared to go faster or harder or to not let go… but I’m back to feeling as if I know no technique. And if I do happen to get a dominant position, what the heck am I going to do with it?

Bleh. I wish Saturday would just get here so I can find out. My brain is imagining lots of horrible scenarios. (There’re a few with happy endings, but then there was only 1 other girl in my division.)

Contact from my new job this morning. Apparently the two guys I’ll be working directly with have to be out of town Monday & Tuesday, so I’ll start on Wednesday. Probably good — a few extra days to recover after the tournament.


6 responses to “That could have gone better…

  1. Yikes 🙂 Now we gotta meet in person just so I can prove I’m not a meanie!

    LOL… but seriously. What I found at tournaments is that they’re a crucible which burns away all the half-learned, 10%-learned, and unlearned techniques. What is left is your active jits vocabulary. For me, that was/is ugly takedown landing in their guard, pass, get mount, choke. I practice all kinds of other stuff, when prompted or when drilling… but when push comes to shove and it’s time to break someone’s jaw (no, no, just a figure of speech!) then that’s what I end up reverting to. Is this your first tournament? Because you always sound like you have much more experience than that. You’re driven and very hard on yourself. I really think and hope that you’ll find your “active vocabulary” to be plenty to win some matches. If you’re like me you’ll walk away esp. after watching your footage thinking how messy, wasteful, inefficient you were– how you ignored opportunities or whatever… but it won’t matter. You will still win the match. I can’t wait to hear how this goes. Rooting for ya!

  2. leslie says:

    Yes, this is my first BJJ tournament. I’ve done one TKD tournament, for forms — waited until I was a black belt, which was a mistake because everyone else in the black belt division had had their black belt since they were 12! (Maybe that’s what I’m secretly afraid of, that somehow everyone else has much more experience than me — although I have nearly 11 months, and the cut-off in my division is 12 months… So they should be skeered of me, huh?) I’ve competed & performed in other things for years. I think I’m going through the same “Ohemgee!” pre-competition jitters I’ve always had.

    And yes, I’ve very hard on myself; even if I do something well, I always think I could have done it better. (Something else to work on…)

    I like the crucible idea. I think I’ll take my technique list, try to remember what I try a lot in class, and focus on remembering those techniques. And then we’ll see which of those actually surface in a match.

    Thanks again, Georgette. I appreciate all the time you’ve taken to reply to my freak-outs. 🙂

  3. jiujitsugrrl says:

    Are you competing at Clebers this weekend? If so, what weight/belt div?

  4. Patrick says:

    Wow, you’ve gotten so much great advice already I don’t know what else to add.

    Relax, you’ll do awesome. And you’ve got a cheering section all the way here in Japan. Go GRRL!!!

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